Friday, July 23, 2010

Yesterday's News, Cycle Update, Etc

Double post day, sorry!

Okay, I need to catch you up on yesterday...

We got home from work and Dreamer wasn't there. No big, we figured she was with her b/f, Bro. Sent a text, and she said something back about having had something horrible happen to her and she's at Frog's with Bro for the time being, but she's okay.

Come to find out she was assaulted on the way there. She's walked that 3 blocks more times than I can count in the last 6 weeks. And it's not like we live in a big city. It's a tiny little hick town.

She had never seen these 2 guys grabbled her butt, and the other her arm and tried to pull her away. She managed to break free and ran to Bro's.

Now here's the thing...Bro's family thought she was lying for a while. So NO ONE CALLED THE COPS. And I wasn't home. And she stayed the night there with him last night, so I haven't even seen her! I guess she and Bro stopped by last night to pick up clothes, but I don't know why they didn't stay here with us.

Mama Bear is out and I am PISSED. Not at her, obviously. No, I just worry and can't figure out why once they got to our house they didn't stay. Did I do something wrong? Yeah, I'm paranoid. The girl is 17, I realize, but nearly 18 and has been on her own a long time, so I'm not about to impose rules. No, what I am pissed about is that they didn't report it to the cops! These guys were not ones she has seen around town before, so would probably be easily identified. And I'm sad she didn't come to me....ridiculous, I know. But I'm in protective mode, and I haven't been able to fuss over her...and now I work crazy days for the next 4 days.

Why wouldn't they believe her? And then why not report it? Ugh. I just want them out of my life... and they are, for the most part, but they still affect my life. The freak out I was surprised I didn't have? 3:30 this morning. Until about 5. Poor DH didn't sleep. So....I'm at a loss. Kinda mom, kinda not...not sure how to handle most of it...

Cycle Update: As of this morning, up to 21 follies less than 10 mm (12 right, 9 left) and a lining of 6 mm. Go Helga! I look like a pincushion, I feel like a pincushion...and since we f'd up and opened the 300 IU pen first, I have had to do an extra injection the past couple of nights. And various other mishaps. I feel ENORMOUS, but the bloat is not that bad, and I haven't put on any weight. I just feel like it. Ig and Ook are very....heavy. And apparently we are really just getting going. E2 = 74.1, progesterone at .7??? May have heard that one wrong. Sticking with same dosages as the other day, and next u/s not until Monday.

Hysterical moment of the day: I was going to drive when we left the RE this morning, but DH said, "No, you just had to deal with the Alien Probe, so I will drive." ... LMAO. Then, I mentioned not liking the squishy icky post u/s feeling, and he said, "Just hope you don't toot at work and pop out a satellite dish or something. Cuz that would be weird. But real aliens probably wouldn't be nice enough to use lube like they did in there." ... I can't make this up. Gotta love him.

The adorable friend: Okay, so, for those of you that DON'T know, DH and I have an open marriage. He doesn't really take advantage of this, but I's more for me anyway. After everything with Frog and Pixie, though, I'm sort of on the wagon. Not to mention I'm not feeling like having ANYONE touch me right now, but the wagon thing is a more general feeling. DH thinks this girl is awesome...hey she's me! So, yeah...but she is WAY young, and having siblings and a niece that's weird to me. But I thought I should explain that more. Despite being on the wagon, I'm still out about the arrangement to people, and let's just know you work in cubicle land when you get hit on via Post-It Note. No, really... I can't make it up!


  1. Yay for the progression on the follies! Boo for them not calling the cops! Just your reaction to this situation proves what a wonderful mother you will be! I hope you start feeling better soon!

  2. I love the Toot comment DH said! That's too funny!! Good luck growing those eggs!!

  3. I'm glad Dreamer was able to get away, but appalled that nobody called the cops or believed her! Wonderful news on the growth, I hope you feel better soon!

  4. I figured that was what you meant by DH bringing this girl home-the post it note thing is so cute, LOL. Hey I watched Did You Hear About the Morgans? last night and it made me think of you. I hated it BTW!! I went to write a comment on the other post but my net crapped out. Hope you have recovered from your busy day. Ugh, that is so awful what happened to Dreamer. Scary!! Anyway thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, and just so you know, I love coming here, your blog is so interesting!! (((HUGE HUGS)))

  5. Sounds like you are super uncomfortable right now. At least your dh is helping by making you laugh a little :)

  6. I hope Dreamer feels better and congrats on the good looking Helga! And yes, your man is a riot. Love it!

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day. I'm so sorry about what happened to your friend. :( I hope she's ok; I'm glad she has a friend like you.
    -Happy ICLW-


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