Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chasing Insects

I gave you a not-so-wordless Wednesday, and so today I shall give you some eye candy :-D There are 2 quick things....if you are following me and I'm not following you, please shoot me an email at kakunaa at gmail dot com and I will happily follow you :) Also, have you ever wondered what to get yourself for a gift, or for those other IF'ers in your life? Problem solved: Let's go shopping! Thanks to Jessica for finally giving up the location of the fabulous shirts she posts!

Now, back to the regularly scheduled programming....I love photos of insects, and have been chasing them a lot this week. These are not all great photos to me, but they are all very recent photos I've taken of insects enjoying the splendor of the blooms :)

I actually have close-ups of the butterfly on this one, but I was really enjoying the fact that there were all these other insects getting in on the action :) And how well the butterfly blends in.

These buggers are hard to capture! I have one (forgot to post that one) of 2 of them getting cozy on a rock by the river. It was windy and the stalk kept blowing and the butterfly didn't want to stay put. LOL.

Queen Anne's Lace is one of my favorite summer wildflowers. When my surfers were here, we picked some and were going to dye them, until I realized I didn't have food coloring at this point in time. Whoops. They are delicate and gargantuan at the same love love them.

This little bugger wouldn't hold still, either. Actually, Calliope and I were both chasing the dragon yesterday, it seems. He was smack dab in the middle of poison ivy...stinker.

And this, my dear bleeps, is my favorite photo of the summer so far (though the fly from the the zoo trip is way up there on the list). I adore sunflowers. Favorite flower, hands down. And that's hard for me to say. This photo is untouched, original, no photoshopping!....I am IN LOVE WITH IT. I just ordered myself an 8x10 for my "flower" room.

So, I hope you enjoyed this short trip down insect lane.

T-minus 1's hoping I am as pollinated soon as these flowers are :)


  1. I admire you for even getting close enough to take those pictures. I'm a huge weenie and scared of any type of insect, which isn't good considering I live in Florida--the state with probably the most insects because of our climate.

  2. Your favorite photo is hands-down the best in this group. I'm certainly jealous! Looking forward to hearing about your pollination journey.

  3. I love the sunflower. Amazing pics!

  4. That sunflower shot is Amazing! I love Queen Anne's Lace too, it is so big and so tiny at the same time, reminds me of a galaxy.

  5. Holy CRAP your blog is amazing!!!!

    So we are cycle buddies? I l.o.v.e it!!

    Your comments on my blog warm my heart.... thank you for being so supportive!

    Here we go girl - let's make this one count :)

  6. I too, LOVE the pictures. Queen Annes Lace is by far one of my favorites as well. It attracts so many good bugs to the garden..The sunflower pic is absolutely amazing...These are very professional!!! Great job :)

  7. Love the orange flower pic. Thats awesome.

  8. Beautiful shot of the orange sunflower - really gorgeous! and quite appropriate too ;) Would you ever considering sharing that print with a fellow IFer (ie: me) who would love it and appreciate it everyday? I am trying to find beautiful cheerful inspired visuals to surround myself with and to keep my spirits up. I would so love to look at that picture everyday :)

    I am so glad that you got your payment issues worked out and are off and running with this cycle. I'll be sending you the warmest pollination thoughts this month.


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