Friday, July 16, 2010

Cycle Update

Today was SUPPOSED to be Photo Friday: Pets, however, I am without a reliable computer again, and I didn't think ahead. Oh, well.

Instead, you get an update on my cycle, plus some interesting news.

Today will be Day 8 of Lu.pron. I seem to be excessively tired, headaches at night (migraines, really), and a sore belly, but the stinging has gone down a bit. It could be worse, I suppose, from what I've heard.

I was hoping that AF would spare me after stopping BCP, but here she is, and I'm a bit cranky from it. Oh, well. Here's hoping it's my last one for a good, long time!

I spoke with the woman in charge of the PGD study we are (hopefully) participating in. So here's the skinny:
  • If we have enough embryos that they can push us to a 5 day transfer, we pass hurdle number one.
  • If those embryos look okay enough to biopsy, we have passed hurdle number 2.
  • If we are randomized into the study, we have passed hurdle number 3 and we are pushed to a 6 day transfer.
  • If all that happens, and here's the big thing, they will be able to tell us the gender of the embryos being transferred, IF we want. Honestly, not thinking we want that. What if it doesn't work? Do I want to know what we lost? We always said we wanted that surprise. What would you do???? **Note: we don't get to choose gender, as the 2 best embryos are transferred regardless of gender***
  • Even if the embryos are not biopsied prior to transfer, if we clear the first 2 hurdles, they will be before cryo.

In speaking to the woman, I also found out that at my baseline u/s back in May/June, I had 29 follies! That bodes well :)

And.....we ordered the DS this morning. So, F1738, do your job! Knock me up!

So that's it for me. Today is my Monday, so I'm off to hell. Enjoy your weekends, all!


  1. Good luck! Sending lots of good thoughts your way!

  2. That sounds awesome, hopefully it works out that way for you! I wouldn't want to know the gender period - I don't want to know the gender of this baby until I give birth to it. It's just a cool surprise!

  3. good luck, i've got my fingers crossed for you.

  4. I have every faith that you will JUMP every one of those hurdles. And if it comes down to it, let the clinic know the gender, they don't HAVE to tell you. :)

    thinking of you!!!

  5. Whew, exciting stuff! I will have my fingers crossed for you guys! (By the way - 29 follies?! WHOA!)

  6. I don't think I would want to know the gender you said, not that it matters b/c they transfer the best 2 regardless. But still..I would want to find out later. Thinking of you often and hoping and praying this is it for you guys!

  7. I say wait for the ultrasound to know that way its even more amazing to see your little one and be able to name him/her.

  8. I think I would ask not to be told until a certain point in pregnancy... can they do that? like tell you at 12 weeks or somethin? I would want to know so I could start shopping


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