Monday, July 26, 2010

Where You Invest Your Love, You Invest Your Life

Not a Perfect Moment Monday today....cycle stuff. Unless you count the fact that it's my FRIDAY!!! And I have a lot of days off for retrieval and transfer coming up :)

So, this morning was u/s #3. Here's the stats:
Lining: 12 mm
Right Ovary: 13, 12, 12, and 16 follies under 10 mm
Left Ovary: 13, 12, 11, 11, 11, and 12 follies under 10 mm.
E2: 528
Prog: 1.1

Feels like there should be more above 10 - only 8???...but what do I know? I'm a noob. Thoughts? Next u/s

Wednesday, and then every day after that. May have to order more meds :( I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable and get weird looks trying to be functional at work.

Here is the blanket I made for Sister and my soon-to-be niece. And below that is another close-up version. It's not as big as I wanted, and I'm still trying to decide what I'm making to add to the ensemble. But I think it will not be given until Niece is born. Just not the week for it for me.....

The title of the post comes from my newest OBSESS song, for which I could not find a decent video. So, here's a link to it, with the song and
lyrics. Awake My Soul by Mumford
and Sons. Some of the lyrics really
strike a chord with me:
"Lend me your hand and we'll conquer
them all", "Lend me your eyes so I can change what you see." And the line above.... It's about waking up your soul, and our bodies, and walking together to get through things. Just...strikes me. I'm obsessed.

The first line I mentioned makes me think of going through this journey with Hubby. What we are doing together, even if it's with help and not really, ummm, TOGETHER, if you know what I mean. LOL.

The second one I mentioned...about opening people's eyes about all of this. Making them see us. And the 3rd....think about HOW MUCH WE apropos.

Which reminds me....I nearly ripped someone a new asshole yesterday, but luckily I knew he was a friend's fiance. And they are experiencing some secondary IF but are really just diving in. Anywho, I use the "Mommy" room at work for my injections. With permission. He stopped me on my way in last night and said, "Ummm, this room is for new moms to use, and you don't look like you are one....". I said, "No, but I get to use it to give myself injections so that I hopefully will be one soon." Him: "That was more information than I needed, but I guess I asked for it, didn't I?" Me: "Yup." Exit to Mommy room. I told my friend about it and she's gonna tell him I'm the one she told him about and remind him (apparently again) to butt out of things that aren't his business. Again, lucky I knew who he was.

Happy Monday everyone....trying to finish up 100th post as this is 99!!!! ICLW makes it difficult. Plus 100 things about yourself is actually really hard to come up with! (Yeah, I'm going traditional). Love and hugs and peace and sticky baby dust stuff.


  1. Yay! you are using the 100 Things idea! woot!

    And YAY & GOOD LUCK on this cycle!!!!!! I LOVE that picture of you and everyone's favorite magic wand!

  2. The blanket is beautiful!

    And, the pic of you with the wand is great! I keep meaning to take one of those. Hope things keep moving along follie-wise.

    And, yeah, you were a lot nicer than I think I would have been about the mommy room incident...

  3. I'll take the charge card:-) Happy ICLW!

  4. I LOVE Mumford & Sons, they rock and Awake My Soul is one of my favourites of theres.

    That blanket is just gorgeous - and GOOD LUCK with the cycle!!

  5. THAT is the greatest picture ever. Also what you said to that dude? Good on you, girl.

  6. What a great picture! I love it. That's spirit, Girl!!!
    It seems you have a nice number of follies growing in there. I am pretty sure some of the ~10 mm's will catch up by next time. Good job!

    The baby blanket is adorable!

    ... and High Five! for standing up for yourself. Such an a$$hole that guy was. I hope it taught him a good lesson.

  7. Loving your pic with the dildo cam! That's hilarious!

    The blanket is're very talented. Fingers crossed for this cycle!

  8. Hi from ICLW! I've thought about taking pictures in the ultrasound room, because it's basically a second home to my husband and I at this point! Maybe we will :) Wishing you the best with your cycle! We're diving into the world of IVF in the near future and I'm scared out of my mind, so it's nice to read blogs about other people's experiences. Makes me feel less alone, you know? Anyway, fingers crossed for you!!

  9. Making an baby blanket like that is not an easy task...That takes a lot of thought and time on your part. What a great gift of love - I know she will love it!

  10. What a beautiful blanket...I love the colors and the detail. Very nice upbeat pic from your appointment despite the dildo cam, I hope you feel better soon and best of luck!

  11. Good luck on this cycle it's gonna be a good one.

  12. That blanket is beautiful! Good luck this cycle.

    Can I just say OMG about your friends' fiance? Who died and made him the "mommy" room sheriff?
    He needs to butt out!

    Hoping for continued progress updates this week!

  13. Here from ICLW (#91).

    Just wanted to say good luck on this IVF cycle. It's scary to know it's all your eggs in one basket, but it's awesome you're getting the chance to cry. I hope you see your BFP!!!

    Also - your friend's fiance needs to learn a lesson - sheesh!

  14. Yay 100 posts! And, nosey people can be quite annoying. Way to just tell him what was what!! And, finally, yay injections, ultrasounds, and follicles on their way!

  15. While talking with some friends about IF, I told them about the dildo cam, and my hubbys friend called it ET's finger. OMG, seriously? Cracked me up! And that's the first thought I had when I saw your picture!

    Also, if I lived closer, I'm pretty sure I would be pestering you incessantly trying to learn the pattern for that blanket! Absolutely stunning!

  16. I love that blanket! It's beautiful, good job!



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