Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Sperm Has Landed

That's what my nurse said when she called with my u/s and b/w results. I laughed and told her it was going on the blog...and so it has. Apparently the NJ location called to let her know our 5 vials of F1738 have safely arrived.

Results: Helga is all calmed down with a lining of 3mm. I had 16 follies less than 10mm...last time, pre-meds, I had 29 and so was concerned. She assured me 16 is a good baseline and they are quote happy with my numbers.

Meds for the next 3 days until friday's u/s and b/w: 225 units Gon.al-F, 15 units of low dose Hcg, 5 units Lu.pron. 3 needles...bring on the bruises!

Addition to the protocol: Metro.gel. Ummmm, apparently it is new in IVF land and the idea is to keep Helga from contracting after the transfer...anyone else familiar with this or am I the guinea pig here?

I am off to look up all things fertility related...specifically looking for chants, meditations, etc. I am down for all things helpful :)


  1. Yay for the sperm!! :) And, good luck!!!! :)

    And, seriously, thank you so much for all of your support on my blog.

  2. Yay for the "eagles" landing. :) I'm here cheering for you every step of the way!

  3. Best of luck, sweetie! I'm cheering for you!!

  4. You are so strong woman!!! Glad the sperm arrived safely! :)

  5. Go Girl Go! Grow Follies Grow!!!
    I am SO SO SO excited for you and this cycle. I was just at Kir's Corner thinking about my future IVF twins :)

    Have you seen the Circle Bloom products? I am thinking that I will get them when I finally get to cycle. Just to try them. I am a pretty anxious person in general and forcing myself to be relaxed usually makes me more anxious. BUt I was thinking that maybe I could listen to the podcasts while cleaning, or driving, or walking.

    Also, one of my most favorite bloggers Lily at the Infertile Mind has some links to some really nice meditations. I'll try to get the link for you.

    I've been focused on building a toolbox of stress relief and resiliency tools. Deserving of a whole post, but it would be awesome to know what you come up with this month that works for you.

    (hugs) - foxy

  6. You have never failed to comment on my updates so I wanted to offer you the same support. Good Luck!!!

  7. 16 follies is awesome!!! All the bruises will be well worth it when you get your BFP. You are doing great...a little looney toons never hurt anyone. ;)

  8. Here's a good meditation for you...but do it lying down.

    Close your eyes and get into a meditating place (I count from 1-10 over and over again). Once you are 'there' become conscious of your body touching the bed. Feel the bedclothes touching your body.

    Then extend your consciousness to the bed supporting you...then the bedroom...then the building. Keep expanding your consciousness from house.... to street ....to area ...to city ...to state ...to country...until you are lying on top of the entire world.

    Think about everything the earth gives you, how it nurtures and supports you...and will do so for your baby.

    Thank the earth for what it gives you then slowly withdraw back into your body. Don't try to get up straight away..just give it a minute.

    I find this meditation gorgeous. I end up amazingly relaxed and feeling very cared for. Others get a bit freaked by the feeling of floating upon the earth. Anyway have a go and see what you think. xxx

  9. ps I'm a pagan so if you want any help designing rituals/chants etc give me a shout. I tend to prefer personal ones rather than anything online. x

  10. Good luck!!!! Hope everything continues to go well.


    (ICLW #23)

  11. Good luck lovely lady! I'll be thinking about you!

  12. So exciting! I will be lurking to see how it goes!

  13. Good luck to you and the spermies! Thinking of you and sending many positive thoughts...

  14. YEA, I missed this post...as usual..sorry.

    it sounds very very very good!!!! I'm so excited for you.

  15. Good luck! I hope that everything goes well!!!

  16. Yay for growing follies and sperm. Best of luck as you move forward.

    Happy ICWL Week!

  17. Need that sperm, huh? best wishes to you.

  18. Not sure about what metrogel is...but good luck to you! 16 is a great start!

  19. Happy ICLW! I like "Kali Durge namo namah ..." sort of a chant to the Hindu Divine Mother goddess Kali and Durge (both very powerful) to hold us and support us. Not *exactly* fertility, but pretty damn close ... some worshipped her as a fertility goddess. :) Hope it goes well!

  20. yay! hope those swimmers work their magic soon!

    not fertility related per se, but something that kept me really calm leading up to my IVF was listening to nature music. you know the kind with piano or violin over sounds of nature like water running, birds chirping, etc? very soothing.


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