Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday

This is my first foray into this theme, and so I had to think back on my week. And yes, I just realized that it is Tuesday. Oh, well. Despite being sick and emotional, there were some definite good moments.

Perfect was standing in the creek with Buddha, a tree branch hanging over me, quiet rustling of leaves, and dappled sunlight. It was such a peaceful moment, beautiful and soothing.

A close 2nd was a friend who has psychic dreams telling me she dreamt about me having a baby boy. Now that's a sign I can live with. Plus it means others are dreaming and praying for me, and that just makes me feel all warm and squishy.

P.S. Blogger is eating comments, so if you don't see yours, I promise I did...I just can't publish them :(


  1. I hope your friend's dream comes true. How amazing would that be?

    And I just noticed that about Blogger... can they ever have a day where there isn't a bug?!

  2. Ahhh, a baby boy. You are going to be such an awesome, awesome mom when the time comes (which is soon by the way).

  3. both of those moments sound perfect! Perfect Moment Monday is one of my favorite things!

    So glad you posted yours today.

  4. Oooh, I'm a fan of psychic dreams. I love both your perfect moments -- that suspended minute breathing in nature, and the idea that others are supporting you and lifting you up.

    So glad you took part in this week's Perfect Moment Monday!

  5. lots of perfect moments, for my "Perfect" new friend. :)

    I love a dream of a baby boy for you...ahhh!

  6. That does sounds like a perfect moment :)

  7. Hi Kakunaa, Wanted to say thankyou for visiting my blog! I've been reading some of your posts and wish you the best..I hope your friends dream comes true as well. I became a follower and am looking forward to reading more :)


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