Friday, July 23, 2010

Photo Friday: Unplugged

It's that time again! Head over to Calliope's and get yourself signed up...This week's theme? UNPLUGGED. And the woman put me to SHAME this week! She's amazing.

Photo #1: This is the broken computer. Yup, talk about unplugged. I came to work way early today after my morning appointment to abuse the work computers...because of this annoying heap of parts....

Photo #2: And here is hubby, unplugged. Buddha is just about the only thing in the house that can get him to put down his phone/remote/game's still in his lap, but he's just hanging with the furkid here. LOVE.


  1. Ha Ha Ha..that PC looks seriouuusly unplugged.

    DH smiles great!

    All the best for your cycle!

  2. Ooooo -- that looks like one of my post-cussing sights! Not my mac (which mostly just makes me scream about rainbow wheels), but an old PC that I learned how to open up, to its eternal regret. Ha! Me likes the sweeties, too! You definitely do ADORABLE at your house, eh? :-)

  3. Great photos. Yeah, we reinstalled the hard drive today so I'm kinda computer ieeeeeeeeeeeeee today.

  4. I am feeling your pain today as something is MAJORLY wrong with my computer. I am at this very moment sitting at the library in a room of strangers b/c I HAVE to check my blogs today...don't know what i'm gonna do!!! :)

  5. Oh my, I totally identify with that first picture. We were oh so briefly without any computer at all.


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