Tuesday, July 13, 2010

100 Ways To Be Stress Free Through Infertility

I found this through another blog the other day, and thought I would share it. It's actually quite a good list, and it's even separated into sections! Have fun reading it....hope it helps :)

100 Ways To Be Stress Free Through Infertility

I've been watching my Follower list increase by 1 or 2 people each day for the last week....it's quite exciting. It means I'm doing something good here, and that feels REALLY good. I am up to reading 70 blogs...I try to keep up with it throughout the day on my phone now, otherwise it takes me hours to try and catch up. I do my best to comment on all of them, but sometimes I just don't know what to say....I'm still there, in case you wonder...

I also started submitting photos, when I have them available (stupid computer) to National Geographic's Your Shot at the urging of my step-dad. Because of the sunflower photo. It was not chosen, but I will continue trying. Maybe I can make one dream come true, right?

Jessica of "This shirt is pretty much awesome Thursday" fame is doing a Blogiversary Giveaway! Head over and get yourself some entries! The prize is pretty cool. I'm stoked to maybe win. And if not, it gives me something to participate in! Congrats on your Blogiversary!

As part of her contest I was reading back through some posts, and she did one about "How To Be a Good Friend to an Infertile". A friend of hers posted this years ago as a letter to her Fertile friends on just this topic. It is a great read, and I wish everyone IRL could read it to help us....

Symptom Update: Ig and Ook are still twinging, but the severe discomfort is fading a bit. Headaches coming and going....left work early last night when a migraine hit trying to avoid driving and throwing up, but that didn't work too well. Still, it's not sticking, so that's good. Seems to hit within an hour of injection. I seem to be not as bloated anymore. BBS still really sore. Last day of BCP is today...wonder if AF will show?

Supplements: Been on wheatgrass for a couple weeks. Started Pomegranate juice. Prenatals and DHA. Question: Pineapple day of transfer???

So much on my mind again...okay, let's see. One of my newest readers is Amber. She wrote this AMAZING post about her journey...and what it means to be a mom...brought me to tears, and I want to share it....so, please go read this and have your heart warmed.

And...just for fun! Recent obsessions:

  1. 2 new artists: Mumford & Sons, Ray Lamontagne -- I CANNOT stop listening to them, especially Mumford. Go look them up and fall in love yourself

  2. Kindle for Android! They have some free books (not many, but I'll take what I can get these days) and now I can read on my phone!

  3. Guilty pleasure - I downloaded the Magic 8 Ball app and have been shamelessly asking it for an outcome of my cycle....it's being vague. Little punk. But hey, I'm enjoying shaking the shit out of my phone.

Today I get the whole day with DH. Going to my mom's for some pool relaxation (and free laundry!)


  1. Getting closer!! Glad the side effects are not too bad.

  2. Enjoy your day by the pool with DH! Make him do the laundry. :)

  3. Thanks so much for the shout-out! I hope you win too! Good luck!

  4. I cam upon that magic 8 ball ap just last night, and had to restrain myself from getting it. hahaha.

    I agree that it is kind of cool every time I get a new follower. I wonder, who are they? where did they come from? what is their story? It is very cool to know that we are not alone.

    Keeping up with the blog reading is a little crazy, I do my best, but don't always catch everything. I do try to comment when I visit, just so people know that I was there, with them, for a few minutes.

    Families are crazy complicated. and Sisters are crazy complicated! You are right to take care of yourself and know what you can handle emotionally right now. You are not a bad sister, or a bad daughter. Maybe you could write your sister a nice card, just letting her know that you love her and your future niece, and that you feel bad missing these special events, but that what you are experiencing right now is so painful and consuming that it is hard to be around her. maybe? If only there were easy answers to these dilemma's.

    Have a great day!


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