Friday, July 30, 2010

Photo Friday: PLAY!

The ever-fabulous Calliope has come up with yet another fabulous theme for the week: PLAY. As in how do we play. And I will admit to being less than creative this week. I've barely wanted to move off the sofa. So I dug into the archives. So, here you get a journey of me just being totally silly....which is how I get through my day :) Funny clothes, funny faces, funny everything :)

This is my Superhero stance. Complete with cartoon-style sledgehammer! Ready to take on the world!
This is one of my "adopted" little sisters...and when we are together shenanigans picking each other's noses.

This one is small...not sure why. But it's one of my best recent self-portraits (before I chopped my hair off the most recent time, obviously)...I make that face a lot.

Ahhh, was Moustache March at camp, and I just couldn't be left out. This was the week I got engaged to my DH, I think :)

Told you I made that face a lot. DH and I both being silly :)

This was an attempt to cheer myself's right before we found out about my tubes. I let Chica dress me, and then added some flair...the socks and headband. And yes, I went to work like that. Because I'm cool like that. Or silly.

So, while I also do things like dance like a fool (difficult to capture, and certainly not this week), and I car dance like mad, I had to bust out the archives while my ovaries work their little bums off. This is how I play in everyday life :)
Speaking of which...they are thinking 11 eggs, up to 17, at retrieval tomorrow. I will, of course, let you all know how it goes :)
P.S. Charlie flew about 6 feet this morning and nearly got himself eaten by Buddha. Silly bird. I am waiting for his tail feathers to grow in all the way and then I think he'll be on his own :)


  1. You are so adorable! Happy Friday. :) And yay for Charlie flying! I'm glad he's doing well.

  2. Love the pics! And, yay for eggs!!

  3. Those are some awesome photos. Babe thinks you're a flower in the last one.

  4. Fun pictures! That sounds like a great crop of eggs! Good luck.

  5. Such fun pics...and, did you know you are beautiful?

  6. so fun!

    i can't believe your retrieval is tomorrow!!! good luck momma! i'll be thinking of you. can't wait to hear the report!

    don't forget: deep breaths!


  7. I love these pics of you, I think they really do capture your playful side! Can't wait to hear ER results. 10 is my goal for mine, so if you get between 11 & 17 that is freaking awesome! Wish I could be there to support you but I'm there in spirit!! ((HUGS))

  8. I so need one of those sledgehammers. :-)

  9. Great pictures! The moustache one is hilarious! Retrieval tomorrow!!!!! Hope all goes well. :)

  10. I hope your retrieval goes awesome!!! You have such a great attitude and it will carry you through your transfer and 2ww! We will all be with you too.
    All the best!!!

  11. Looks like you really know how to be silly and have fun. Great pics.

  12. Can't wait to read your next update on the retrieval, thinking of you!


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