Cast of Characters

I use fictional names for the people I mention in my blog.  I don't do it often, but when I mention someone new, I'll add them here so that you aren't totally lost. 

DH = Dear Hubby
Frog & Pixie = former lovers and friends
Fuzzy = dear friend who lives out of state
Chica = dear friend
Dreamer = Frog's little brother's girlfriend
Helga = my uterus
Ig and Ook = my ovaries
Buddha = furbaby (dog)
Frida, Cleo, Oreo = furbabies (cats)
Bro = Dreamer's b/f, Frog's little brother
Sister = sister closest in age to me
Littlest = youngest sister
LilSis = middle sister
Niece = Sister's daughter
Spazz & Punky = neighbors
A = Spazz & Punky's son
Colliwog = first woman I loved, dear friend
OB = my OB's...there are 5, so they are all the same
Dr. Head = Neurologist
Dr. Pain = Pain Management doc
Dr. Back = Chiropractor