Saturday, July 3, 2010

IF News and Updates

First of all, I mentioned our computer being out of service again. True story. So, I cheated and wrote a few posts out ahead of time. I tried the email function the other day and apparently my technologically impaired self did it wrong. I don't know how, but I did. That is why these posts all say Thursday. I wrote them all at the same time and can't figure out how to fix the date!

I was finally getting back into reading blogs, and am back to struggling with that due to computer issues. Also, the BCP I am on seem to give me massive migraines and nausea. I've had a hard time using the computer when it IS working. At this writing I am feeling the best I have felt in days and food is going down without an argument. Yay! It comes and goes, and I imagine it will only get worse when I start the Lu.pron Friday.

Speaking of which, we filled out our IVF and PGD paperwork Thursday. I forgot about the "what to do with your embryos if you both suddenly die" page. I was shaking like a leaf, and at the time, the migraine/nausea was wicked bad. The flourescent light was flickering above us. It was scarier than applying for my first car loan. It was terrifying. And I was so sick. One of the nurses asked if I was okay, and I told her the BCP was kicking my ass - she looked at DH and just said, "It's not her fault. If she's really cranky, it's not her fault. It's the meds." I wanted to kiss her. Well, vomit, then kiss her. But that wouldn't have been very nice.

The day before that, I had gone to my GP for my annual know you're infertile when a standard PAP doesn't remotely phase you. "You're going to feel a little bit of pressure..." Yeah, I didn't feel a thing. LOL. Anyway, I got on the scale to see if this last week of stuffing myself was successful. Looked at the digital display. 113 lbs. Haven't put on an ounce. Maintained. I run between 110 and 115. I was wicked frustrated, because I've been stressing over it.

Which brings me back to IVF paperwork day - I mentioned my lack of weight gain and my nurse (bless her dear heart) told me that it would be great if I gained weight, but if I didn't the world will not end. So, I will stop stessing, and see what happens. I feel a weight off my shoulders (seriously, no pun intended) that I can NOT think about it. I think that will help.

So, that's the status quo. Or was at the time I wrote this (2 days before publishing time - using computer as much as I can!!!).

Have a great weekend ladies!


  1. Oh yuck - I'm so sorry you're getting beaten down by BCP of all things. They've always made me moody and nuts, but I've never had to deal with the nausea and migraines. I hope things go better on Lupron.

    At least your computer is back now. I'm always a wreck without computer access or Internet.

  2. It must be really exciting to be moving forward! I can't wait until our time comes later this fall. I am however a little nervous about taking the bcp. The few times in my life that I thought i might try it failed when the pill made me so nauseous. I never lasted more than a week on it. I laugh a little for all our worry about bc over the years, since as it turns out was completely unnecessary. Anyways - I hope that you are feeling better soon! and I hope that you can enjoy the hope of this process!


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