Friday, August 20, 2010

Time To Reiterate

This is MY blog, and if you don't like what it written here, don't read it.  I deleted the very out-of-line comment posted by one of Dreamer's friends on the last post because well, don't yell at me for using my own space to vent.  I didn't use anyone's names, I didn't give away identity, and I have every right to bitch on here. 

I shouldn't have to find out about things going on in my own house from a comment on my blog, not officially anyway.  So again, if you don't like it, be gone, and don't read it.  MY space.  MY blog.  MY therapy. 


  1. That's just out of order....

    And WELL said!


  2. Damn right! No need to censor yourself for anyone, least of all someone who can't respect your physical space (home) and is trying to come in and disrespect your blog space as well!

  3. I would have to agree. This is your space to say what you need to say!!


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