Thursday, August 26, 2010

Decison Made: Where to Register

No, don't worry, we aren't tempting fate by ACTUALLY registering.  (Shit, I'm still obsessively checking the TP and refuse to wear white underwear!)   But we've checked out the places we wanted to and made a decision.  So, I give to you, if you are interested, a breakdown of my thoughts on the places we visited.  Hey, maybe it will come in handy for you later, or now!

  • The BIG GUY: Bab.ies "R" Us.  Obviously the most well known, and quite frankly, the most convenient for a couple like us with a bicoastal family.  His family will, I imagine, be doing gift cards in lieu of trying to ship big things.  I don't know.  Anyway, they were friendly, but quite frankly, the place is incredibly overwhelming and just a little too commercial for us.  Plus, a touch on the expensive side (ummm, alright, all this baby stuff is, but they are top-price from what we saw). 
  • The REALLY SMALL GUY: Burling.ton Coa.t Fac.tory.  Also fairly widespread, but going in the store is much like going into a Thrift Store.  It just felt terribly chaotic, and the in-store selection was mediocre.  Again, convenient, and the crib prices were the best we saw, but it made me twitch.  I couldn't handle registering there.  Twitch, twitch.  That being said, GREAT PLACE for maternity clothes on the cheap :)
  • The ALMOST PERFECT GUY: Tar.get.  Okay, I LOVE Tar.get.  LOVE.  I'm using the word LOVE here.  But...they are mostly online, and again, I like to be able to SEE the goods we are choosing.  They were the best prices we saw though.  I will give them that.  And who doesn't like a trip there? 
  • The JUST RIGHT FOR US GUY: Buy Buy  We felt a "small store" atmosphere, and the staff was incredibly friendly.  We lucked out in that there is one near us.  They are not nearly as widespread as the others, so unfortunately for family, much will have to be done online.  BUT we loved going in there, we felt comfortable, and the pricing is middle of the road.  They have a whole organic product line, including gender-neutral garments and such.  Which we LOVED.  They take competitors coupons!  Can't beat that!  So, this is the one. 
So, Buy Buy it is.  Despite the downfalls, it is the one we liked the best.  We will let family and friends know they are more than welcome to purchase at different stores (we are lucky, despite our rather strange location, to have all 4 near us) if it is easier for them.  We are also going to be encouraging using Craigslist, Ebay, etc to purchase used items when at all possible to encourage "green shopping".  So our registry will partly be a list of needs and wants, but not required to be purchased there by anyone.  It's just where we want to go. 

So that was the big decision of the week!  Very exciting!  We already have some items chosen, though again, no registering until we hit 13 weeks.  But we'll start then, to get a head start. Perhaps we can get some items out of the way at Christmas, before we even have a shower. 


  1. We did BRU and found that most people don't live very close to one and didn't get most of the items we needed so this time we're sticking to Target.

  2. My family and most of my friends are out of towners. We did Target and Amazon. I loved amazon (it also netted us a bunch of free diapers thanks to a promo they had going). Free shipping, usually discounted costs, lots of selection. Target has a really shitty return policy and they charge tax and shipping. But a lot of people like to buy from target. :) I just liked how easy amazon was for out of town folks.


  3. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! I've heard the same thing about the Target return policy--make sure your family/friends include a gift receipt, otherwise they won't take it back--even if it was on your registry!

    Happy ICLW!

  4. fun! yeah, i was going to suggest amazon too! so easy for people to send gifts from out of town and hey - you can totally register at more than one place!

  5. I've also heard good things about Amazon. But we did BBB and Target both. (We also have all 4 near us, and went to all 4.) We find the BRU's around here to be horrid - they're so depressing, and the staff doesn't give a shit. I hate going there. The BCF similarly was like walking into an abandoned dark box. Target we like, but had the same problems as you. We love love love BBB, and some things are pricier than other (brick & mortar) places, but most is the same or cheaper. They were so accomodating and helpful. Also their swag bags were best. (BRU got you coupons only, Target got you coupons & one or two diapers, BBB got you a bottle, a pacifier, a bib, and a bunch of samples and coupons.)

    We also got our crib from there (with a $50 off coupon) and splurged to have them put it together. I wasn't going to (I love building furniture) but decided to after a story from a friend whose crib showed up missing some pieces (so they had to return the crib themselves; since we had them deliver & set up, if anything was wrong, they'd take it back and bring it back to us, important since we only have a compact car). Best decision ever - it took them about 10 minutes, was a great show, and we wouldn't have otherwise known that if anything breaks or is recalled or what have you not only will they come back out and take care of everything, but if it'll take a while to get the piece in (longer than 2 days, I think? I forget now), they'll provide a loaner crib. Sold.

  6. Registering appears to be an American thing. The only thing people register for over here is when they get married and even then not everyone does it.

    I guess it's normal over there? But I just find it very very bizarre LOL

    That being said, I'm glad you've found somewhere you like! And I love that you're not only NOT against getting secondhand stuff as gifts but also encouraging people to buy it for you!


  7. I'm glad you said you LOVE Tar.get because I do too!! I'm even more happy to be following you now :). That's probably where we will register (when I actually get pregnant), I haven't heard much about Buy Buy Baby, but I think I'll go check it out!

  8. Hey sweetie,
    I second Miss Ruby. We don't do that much in AU we only have gift giving at the baby shower. I am glad you had the time to think through it and find the store that is just right for you!!!

  9. It sounds like you made a good choice, and one that will work for you.

    We decided not to register... as much as I like the idea, I know my family won't go for it. (Registering for our wedding was practically useles)

  10. Aaaah...registering. So overwhelming the first time you walk into a Babies r Us. I won't do that again! Ugh. I like the ideas of Target and Amazon...I also don't think I will register until a bit later.

  11. I never really got on with the idea of registering, either as a mum-to-be or as a friend. I can see why people do it; but I just asked for gift cards from people who didn't know us very well and if anyone else asked what I wanted, I told them colours, soft fabrics without itchy appliques, etc... I particularly love shopping for something special for my friends that they may not have seen or thought about. One of my favourite gifts to give a new mother is a 2-year subscription to a great mothering magazine, matched to the kind of girl they are. Or, a completely non-mothering magazine for those times when she wants to just be relaxed and entertained.

    That being said, I agree absolutely with your reviews of the 4 stores... I think you made the right choice. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and have a great time picking out all your baby stuff.

    Lisa ICLW #63 - Your Great Life

  12. I see that you have already chose BBB, good for you! I am sure you know this already, but I thought I would tell you about it just in case since it is a topic close to your heart;

    "Target Corp. donated $150,000 to a group that is running ads backing conservative Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, who opposes same-sex marriage"

    I understand that Target donated to a candidate that has financial ideals that would benefit their business, and I have nothing against Target otherwise!!! I just thought you might appreciate knowing this.

    Congratulations and best wishes, truly!!

  13. One thing to be aware of, for anyone who is considering registration at Target: Their selection varies from store to store, and from store to online, so it's very common to register for items and find that no one located in any other area is able to purchase them! Baby stuff varies even more than anything else there. Just something to keep in mind if you're registering at your local store.


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