Monday, August 2, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday: Cliche, but oh, well

It's cliche, and I simply don't care. Because in a week of crazy hormones and soreness, and anesthesia, and work, and all kinds of stress, the SHINING moment was getting the call about my fert report yesterday. Because for the first time in all of this, I felt some real and true hope. Without lying about it. Without stretching. True, grinning and tearful HOPE.

What was your perfect moment? You've got one. I know they can be hard, but I'm sure you can think of ONE. So, write about it, and go over to Weebles Wobblog to share and participate!

And don't forget about the GIVEAWAY! I'm going to extend until Wednesday night, so go participate if you are interested. Circle & Bloom goodies!

Sorry for the super crabby post last night. Just when I think I have gotten this down pat, there is another curve ball. My ass is still on fire...sigh.


  1. well is a PERFECT moment, a perfect fert report and obviously the one MOMENT this week you can point to and take a nice deep HAPPY breath. :)

  2. That's very hopeful news! I'm eager to hear a string of perfect moments resulting from the fert report :-)

  3. Cliches aren't a bad thing! Good news can be cliche but it is also awesome. :-)

  4. Yay for hope! You have every reason to have hope for this cycle! I am rooting for your one and only cycle to give you that positive!!

  5. Hi honey soo happy to read the good results of your fert report, that is so wonderful!! I have been reading all the posts, so sorry to hear about your bottom. Glad you are feeling better though :) (((HUGS)))


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