Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

Seriously, today sucked. It didn't get any better after this morning.

My boss got fired.

I had to leave early due to a wicked migraine.

Only 5 of the remaining 18 embryos made it to freeze. 5. 7 viable embryos out of the original 26 eggs. 5 frosties.

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  1. Oh, I'm so sorry it was such a sucky day!!!!

  2. I'm sorry you had such a suck day. ((Hugs))
    The end of the 2ww gets so intense sometimes. Take care of your head and your heart.
    And your 5 frozen embies are waiting if you need them.
    We are with you these last few days.

  3. Sorry about your crappy day! But five frosties is good! I know more would be better...but five is still good!! Hoping for the best news ever from you tomorrow!

  4. Friday the 13ths usually seem to suck in some way huh? Take care of that headache and pretty soon you will get your great news/numbers can't wait girl! xoxo

  5. hehe - I just posted my own friday the 13th post. I figured this week has sucked so hard I'd be best off not leaving the house today.

    I'm sorry that you didn't get more frosties. It is so hard when you expect one thing and it turns out so much different than you wanted. I am still hoping that the first two stick!

  6. In spite of five out of 26 being procentually not great, five frozen blasts is spectacular in itself!!!

  7. Hey Kakunaa, I am sorry that 13th August sucked.

    I have also been meaning to respond to a comment you left on my post - A Confession. I am withholding the comment for a couple of days.

    Sorry for the boss and the evil migraine.

    The fact that 5 made it is good. I am not glad that the rest of them got left behind, but there are people (like yours truly) who have zero to show for all that they went through. Count them as your chances.

    Good Luck!

  8. Oh sweetie, that's no good. I'm so sorry there weren't more embies to freeze. 5 is still good though, right?
    Hope the migraine improves as well as all the other stuff.
    Thinking of you xx

  9. Focus on the 5 frozen blasts rather than the original number, those are the strongest ones! Thinking of you, Fran

  10. Well hopefully you'll get a positive beta and turn all that bad Friday the 13th luck around!

  11. i've been reading your posts all week and was about to go back and comment on all of them but now it seems so silly, because you're PREGNANT! :)!!! good things are happening for you now. hang in there sweetie!


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