Saturday, August 28, 2010



How far along: 6 weeks 0 days

Total weight gain/loss: I actually think I may be down a couple pounds from last week, so I'm starting a weekly weigh-in at home -- 115 lbs this morning according to my not-so-accurate scale.

Maternity clothes:  Still sticking with either the belly band or stretchy pants/skirts.

Stretch marks: way too early for those!

Sleep: As often as possible!!!  But I work 10 hour days and then need wind-down time when I get home, and can't STAY asleep.  I nap a lot on my days off.

Movement: way to early for that!

Cravings/Aversions: Cravings: Ham sandwiches.  Which is weird for someone who didn't eat meat for 16 years.  LOL.  But it's the best thing to me right now!!! Aversions: Stinky odors, red meat...

Gender: at this point, we have decided not to find out...let's see if we hold steadfast to that!

Symptoms: Almost constant nausea, worse at night (unless triggered by something else).  The ever present sore BBs.

What I miss: Chai!!! Big cup of morning tea...but it's already been over a month, so I'm getting used to it. I have switched to Rooibos (which I adore) and kind of tricks my body :).  Sex is allowed, but because of my exhaustion isn't happening :(  Thank goodness for AA batteries ;-P

What I look forward to: Seeing the heartbeat in 2 days (we hope!).  Starting to show.  Passing first trimester!

Moods: Generally still quite good :)  Just have to watch the irritability so I don't get out of hand and become SUPER BITCH!

Milestones: 1st u/s and seeing the sac :)

Medical Concerns: elevated thyroid levels - taking Syn.throid 25 mcg daily (it is UNDERactive, not OVERactive as I first thought)

Weekly Wisdom: Keep food on hand at ALL TIMES.  I get nausea worse when I am hungry.  This is difficult when I'm on the phones allllll day, but I'm learning how to do it.

Best moment this week: Seeing that u/s!  Starting to tell random people that we're KU.

Worst moment this week: Slipping on the stairs the other day and scared me soooo much.  But all is well, as far as we can tell.  We'll know Monday!


  1. Yeah the nausea is brutal hang in there lady you're doing awesome.

  2. is the thyroid thing pregnancy induced? I take 50mcg and have for a few years, it sure helps with my cycle most months and doesnt fluctuate a whole lot...what was your TSH number? did I ask that already?

  3. Oh how scary that you fell on the stairs! Glad you are OK :) Yes, you do need food on hand at ALL times which is not always possible!! Anyway all of this is fantastic news, stay well and happy :)

  4. Wohooo!! 6 weeks! Can't wait for the next update!

  5. yay for 6 weeks! that's halfway through the first trimester! :)

    no more falling, k?


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