Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Songs That Knock Me Over

As many of you know, music is a huge part of me, of who I am.  And there are many that flat out knock me over, causing me either joy, nostalgia, or sadness the instant I hear them.  For simplicity sake, I will leave out wedding songs, as I plan on talking about them next month. 

Anyway, shortly after my post yesterday, I was FINALLLY caught up on my regular blogs (soooo hard during ICLW!  Now I know what's it's like trying to keep up with me!), and had started on ICLW blogs.  I came across one that shares a title of a song that is not well known, but that I know.  It's not one of the bowl me over songs, but it prompted me to grab Ichabod the iPod and listen to it.  Dreamer makes playlists on it, so sometimes when I turn it on, I am smack-dab in the middle of one of those lists, which are usually quite fun.  Today, though, I was hit by one of those songs..

I can't explain the EXACT scenario attached to this one, however, suffice it to say, it was a song someone played for me, how that person viewed our relationship, finding the times when we could be together, the difficulties, but still aching for that time.  It's one of those people with whom my relationship has been affected by IF...and it just hit hard when it came popping out of Ichabod.  What could have been in another time?  But realistically, we wouldn't have been introduced if it weren't for IF - and this person gave us the name of the clinic we use, which has led to this wonderful period of time.  Which I think is what makes it that much more bittersweet.  That I'm NOT sharing this with them now....

This song was on a cassette Sister made for me when I was in Namibia.  I have a thing for songs that make me feel wistful...this one just gets me.  I would put it on, especially when the rains starting coming and the thunder was rolling, and it became THE SONG that reminds me of my time there, my evenings watching my "brothers" and "sisters" playing in the yard as the sun went down.  For years it made me weep.  I wrote a poem shortly after I returned to the States and was dealing with a deep depression.  It mentions this song.  I think on my return anniversary this year I will do a post with it and some photos of my time there...Anyway, it's a memory, just as the one above is.  One of the lines is, "Most November nights I break down and cry, because I can't remember if I said goodbye."  I left Namibia in November, and there were so many people I didn't get to hug goodbye, who didn't understand my leaving...

I have mentioned this one before.  It is the song from which I took the lyrics for my IF tattoo.  It speaks of hope, hope for our children.  It doesn't make me sad, it doesn't make me happy, it just speaks to me of things that can be.  Of the idealism we are all harboring for a better world.  And the fact that sometimes, even the things that bring us joy cannot override the sadness. 

I listen to this on bad gets me through.  Always reminds me that we are not alone, that we can get through, overcome.  Peter Gabriel knocks my socks off regularly, and this has been an anthem for years.  Don't give up, my friends...

Oddly, the songs coming to mind this morning do not involve the large quantity of women artists I adore, not sure why.  Because they are really who I listen to the most.  And they inspire me.  But these are a small sampling of the songs that are a big part of my life.  I could keep going, but this post might never end.  Perhaps there will be a Part 2 when the inspiration hits again.

Hope you enjoyed listening!


  1. Love these songs. The Space Between always makes me emotional for some reason.

  2. Great choices, love em all.

  3. I love songs too - I love how sometimes you turn on the radio and a song that just "fits" the moment is playing. Life without music would be a sad sad place.

  4. Unfortunately I can't watch the videos cos of copyright restrictions or some crap but I loooooove music too! That is all.


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