Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Can I just say that maternity clothes are expensive? I will definitely be hitting up Free.cycle. Wow. And we hit up Ba.bysR.Us, too. Holy shit! That was amazingly overwhelming...head spinning overwhelming. But I got all weepy...we get to go in there!

So many decisions to make. I don't necessarily feel that we will need a crib and stuff right away...baby on a budget. Bassinet, pack and play, portable stuff totally works is my thought. Wow.

Don't worry, we didn't jump the gun and so something crazy like register...just kinda casting out the feelers to see what is, well, out there. Shock is still here.

And I LOVE it!

Oh! And I totally took a picture of the test. LOL
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  1. Enjoy every moment of it!!! you have waited so long for this:) I love your excitement.

  2. One recommendation for maternity clothes...eBay. I got an entire summer maternity wardrobe (4 or 5 pairs of shorts, about 7 tops, one pair of pants, and a few other odds and ends) for $120.

  3. LOL... try buying plus size maternity clothes! I lucked out with my first go round maternity clothes shopping and hit an end of season sale. But I had to travel to a larger city 2 hours away to find a store that carried stuff in my size.

  4. So cool - I am so glad that you are enjoying every minute of this!

  5. Craigs.list is another good source for maternity clothes... I have seen wardrobes on there for super cheap!

  6. Maternity clothes ARE so expensive! One of my sisters former coworkers lent her a TON of maternity clothes, and I secretly borrowed them from her. My sister wanted to buy her own clothes because she's planning on having more babies. I too am planning to have more babies, but know that plans are just plans. If I can borrow clothes for this entire pregnancy, I will!!!

    We started our registry at 24 weeks, and even that seemed early to me. I just can't believe how much baby stuff there is! What happened to the days of changing your baby on the counter or the floor?

    I am so glad you started looking at this stuff already! So exciting!!!

  7. There are tons of stuff we were lent that we never used. Try to hit up friends and family with young kiddos that way you save money and storage space since most stuff meant for an infant doesn't last long. They are literally an infant for less than six months.

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  9. exciting!

    and, by the way....it could be babIES on a budget. :)

  10. I'm so glad you are enjoying this time..and going to places like that...it's good for your soul!!!!

    being overwhelmed is good, being HAPPY, EXCITED is awesome. We didn't register until we found out the genders....and even then you don't need anything right away.


  11. I agree with the other peeps. Nothing wrong with bub on a budget. Plus I never wore maternity clothes, I just bought regular clothers which were stretchy and basically lived in dresses. Never been a pants gal so didn't bother going there!! I was lucky to be in 3rd tri during our summer here though!! Anyway can't wait for u/s results!!

  12. Yea...I am planning on shopping at maternity consignment stores and craigslist. When I had to register the first time DH and I were wandering around aimlessly looking at all the crap! We were clueless! I recently helped a friend register at BRU (as an infertile, bitter woman that was insanely hard to do) and there is even more crap out there, in only 5 years? How did that happen?

    I wish you luck with your pregnancy...Looking like we are really close with EDD's...:)

  13. LOVE consignment stores. And CONGRATS!!! :) WHOOOOPPEEEEEEE! Thinking good thoughts for continued happy news ...


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