Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photo Challenge: Perspective

Oh, yeah!  So excited to be able to participate in this!  I discovered thepunkrockmom this week during ICLW and am enamored.  And today starts her first Photo Challenge! 

This week's challenge is PERSPECTIVE.  Go check out her blog for the themes associated with this...but I am doing a couple entries...I wanted to do more, but knowing that I had a computer today, these are what I am going with, and perhaps next week I will be lucky enough to do more.  Here we go! 

Reflection From Above

Unique Perspective - everyone shoots the
Grand Canyon as this vast shot, sweeping views...
here it is with this fabulous tree as the focus,
something many people would not notice, with
the grandeur as a simple backdrop.
Edited to add the following:

Tree branch from the ground up
(for those of you who have seen this one before, sorry!)
2nd Edit:

A Person Close Up


  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous pictures. I really love the tree.

  2. These shots are so lovely! I LOVE your perspectives! Thank you so much for participating, you rock!


    ps- I am enamored by you and your blog as well! :D

  3. wow, they were beautiful!!! simply gorgeous. :)

  4. Glad you added another shot- beautiful! :D


  5. I really like the tree! Not that the rest of the pictures aren't awesome, but it's the one that struck me more than the others... Thanks for the heads up on the photo contest.

  6. These are all wonderful perspectives...and such beautiful shots. Thanks for stopping by today.

  7. Another great pic! Love it!


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