Monday, August 16, 2010


And it says PREGNANT.  Tee hee.  It's digital, so it is done now, but I got to see it.  Woohoooooo!  That makes it feel so much more real.  And with my numbers doubling in under 48 hours, I am ecstatic! 

So, family reactions:  His mom cried :)  Have not spoken with my mom yet because she is on vacation, but my stepdad should have been able to tell her by now.  I am sure I will here from her as soon as she is back.  His dad is thrilled, as is mine, in his own way.

Sister kinda pissed me off.  She said something along the lines of, "Oh, now you can experience the woes of pregnancy with me!"  I pointed out I'm thrilled with any and all side effects and there are no woes here.  Oddly, she didn't respond.

Sad reactions: his grandmother is suffering from dementia and it was really difficult for Hubby to talk to her when she is like this.  She barely remembered who he was.  My grandmother is pretty ill lately, and told me she doesn't think she will be around when Itsy/Bitsy arrive. 

We got our first gift, from the neighbor whose laptop I am stealing.  A black onesie that says, "Learned to rock before I could walk."  LOL.  So adorable.  Hubby and I are going to drool tomorrow at the maternity store, Bab.ys 'R' Us, and to get me a Bella Band at Tar.get.  No purchases at the first store, just allowing ourselves to drool, revel in this. 

Hubby bought me a card - a "Mommy-to-be" card, and a bag full of mints for the nausea.  Oh!  And more gauze and tape for my PIO injections.  LOL.  A little gift bag.  Wasn't that insanely sweet?  He is SOOOO happy!

So, as I mentioned, numbers are great, and we are stoked for the u/s.  Hubby is of course convinced that we are having both Itsy and Bitsy.  I hope so :)  Which sounds kinda crazy, but I never wanted an only child...always wanted 2, and do not want to go through this again.  But I will be thrilled whatever the case to see proof on that grainy little screen. 

Not so hot a follow-up call and it seems my thyroid is just as excited as we are, and is now getting a little overactive.  So tomorrow I start Syn.throid for the duration.  It could be worse, and I'm not really worried at this point.  One of the beautiful things about this process is all the testing and monitoring done very early in the process.  So, it's okay. 

Speaking of this process.  Again, I promise, this will NOT be all I write about.  It's just new, and overwhelming, and exciting. And I even feel a little bit of guilt that for us it was so quick.  I know how hard it can be to read the blogs of those of us who are Pg.  I have bawled over a large number of them myself.  I was happy for every one of them, but I cried a bunch.  And I don't want it to be hard for any of you.  But it will be's unavoidable.  But I will strive for a good balance, I promise you that. 

Loves and hugs to you all!!!


  1. Congratulations! That is great news! I will have to go back and see your journey. IVF is looking to be on my plate next year if the next couple treatment cycles don't work. I wish you a sticky sticky bean (or beans)!!!!

  2. So thrilled for you!!! Enjoy every moment of this!!

  3. I have a huge grin on my face reading your post. It makes me so happy to see your excitement.
    Yay! for a digi BFP, it must feel like a huge victory.

    How sweet to hear all of your family's reactions. You have a huge crowd cheering for you both on here and in IRL. Yay!

  4. Did you take a picture of the digital? The battery dies after a while so you can't look back at it anymore...

    Sorry for the sister's reaction and about his grandma. :( And about the thyroid!

    How are the kidney stones?

    Still truly very excited!!!!

  5. Yay to doing the cruise by at the baby shops - that's something I never allowed myself to do, which is just as well really.


  6. This is awesome! WRITE about being pregnant as much as you can on here. As for the people who aren't pregnant yet, we know how to handle it and LOVE to celebrate and rejoice with those who are. Plus, I actually look forward to learning things about being pregnant through people's stories. Rock on! :)

  7. Continuing to celebrate with you! And glad you POAS - I definitely would too!

  8. Oh my gosh, write about itsy and bitsy all you want! and more! Celebrate this time - Love this time - we are all here to be excited and celebrate with you. (and to live vicariously thru you!)

    OMG do I dream of twins - like a fellow crazy person!

    xoxo - Foxy

  9. it doesnt bother me one bit that you are is your turn and I am sooo happy for you :)

  10. Don't feel bad about only writing about this for a while. It's a HUGE deal! I think I POAS about 5 times before it sunk in!

    I really hope your grandmother gets to see the little one(s).

    Best wishes!

  11. Congrats on the great second beta!

    Myriad reactions and most of them positive. Yay!

    Second beta seems to indicate both Itsy and Bitsy are around.Sweet! :-)

  12. haha, I loved seeing "Pregnant" on the digital too - so rewarding. Congrats congrats congrats!

  13. Right on, hope you took lots of pictures of the stick.

  14. Congratulations! May you have an uneventful 9 months!

  15. I am so very excited and I really hope it's both Itsy and Bitsy in there.

  16. you are so cute! so excited for you guys. fingers crossed for twins!

    p.s. i want to know your secret for a lumpless ass since i'm about to start PIO on thursday.

  17. you sound as happy and excited and giddy as you should be. I POAS a lot after our beta and news...
    I used every test in the house, every one I hadn't used in 4 yrs. Just to see the words and the lines.

    enjoy it all my friend, it's a WOW moment. :)

  18. PIO tip: i HAVE been using heating pads and massage! guess i'm just prone to lumps! grrrr. totally worth it though, right? :)

  19. Yikes! Soooo sorry I missed this. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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