Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: Stream of Consciousness

I lie awake at night making sure P is asleep, or when he is nursing, and write posts in my head and then promptly forget them the next morning.  They tend to jump from one thing to another in what is a logical fashion for me.  Let's see if I can kinda recreate some of it.

  • The roomies will have all their stuff out by the 16th.  Woohoo!  
  • This is good because Hubby's mom is coming!  She has to do some work in NY and is going to spend the weekend of the 22nd with us!  *does a little jig* She will be the first of his family to meet P!
  • Which means I need to CLEAN.  Thus, it's a good thing for 2 bullets above.
  • It also means I need to figure out a way to get off that Saturday...
  • ...and speaking of work, I haven't heard from that other job yet.  And I'm trying now to get more hours at work given our new situation...
  • ...and speaking of THAT, Hubby applied for unemployment, because apparently it is a rumor that if you are an independent contractor you can't apply.  *Fingers crossed*
  • Cuz you know, paying rent is a good thing.  And other stuff.  
  • Like we keep it or toss it?  I have an FSA for daycare - if I take him out, I have to cancel that, and can't get it back until open enrollment.  I am of the opinion that it's too early to make that decision.
  • But I HAVE made the decision to purchase a new pump with some of the funds sent by FIL for baby gates (the leftover) nipples feel like I've never BF before.  Cracks, bleeding, PAIN.  Time to try something different.  
  • So if you heard a yell this morning, that was me when P latched on.  I get off on getting piercings and tattoos...this IS NOT THE SAME.  I now get why people have a hard time adjusting.
  • But we got P weaned off of formula at home...well, mostly.  I am willingly topping off his evening meal with 2oz of formula to encourage a sleepy baby.  Some nights I even get nearly 4 hours straight out of him!  In his cradle!  
  • I don't feel guilty.  He is still more than 50% on BM - probably closer to 75%, at the minimum.  
  • Speaking of BBs, I still haven't popped the postpartum cherry.  Though, after a few drinks Monday I DID ask the neighbor if he would get his daughter to babysit so we could.  LOL.
  • Have any of you thought about explaining safe sex to a child conceived in a petri dish?  "Well honey, when a man loves a woman..."  "But mommy, that's not how I was made."  "...."  Hmmm, time to order those cool books for kids of ART. And reference a biology book so I don't fuck up the facts.  You know, since I can't imagine how it actually works that way.
  • Which made me think that a great re-name for my blog would be "Out Of The Petri Dish, Into The Fire.  Tagline: From Infertility to Parenthood "  Bahahaha, crack myself up!  And if any of you steal that, I will hunt you down!  Because I still may use it for something!  Too bad I would be terrible at writing a book.  
  • And with that, I have written plenty.  Ciao!  Enjoy the holiday weekend!


  1. (I hope this comment actually gets through this time... blogger is pissing me off tonight)

    I love the "Out of the Petri Dish" idea... I promise I won't steal it!


  2. Keeping fingers crossed that the unemployment comes through for your Hubby and that the visit with the MIL is spectacular! Keep us posted. Hugs from here!

  3. A&D ointment on the nipples...stat! As long as you don't put half the tube on, it is perfectly safe for Peanut to nurse with that on and it will seriously help with the cracking.

    Love the possible name for your blog...seriously, keep your url and change the name. That name ROCKS!

  4. Shoot - here's the link to the pump I got and love (and should be using right now instead of blog reading!)

    Hope it works out for you too!

  5. Haha...Third from last is my favorite bullet point :)


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