Wednesday, July 20, 2011

30 Day Infertility Blog Challenge: Day 19

19.What tv show/movie/commercial/print ad has bothered you the most since you began trying to conceive? If possible, post it here. Tell us why it bothered you so much.

Honestly, it wasn't necessarily about TTC.  It was more to do with parenting in general.  And I don't remember what it was for.  I think it was a jewelry Christmas commercial.  The mother is in the living room feeding/rocking/whatever the new baby (looking unfairly rested, I might add), and out comes Dad. She says to him, "What are you doing up? It's 2 am!"  He also, btw, looks insanely rested.  

My thought was: Why shouldn't he be up!  Especially if he can help, rock baby, whatever!  Took 2 of you to create that baby (you know, in the fertile way), takes 2 to raise her, too!  LOL.  I got all worked up about it EVERY TIME IT CAME ON.  This was just this past year.  While pregnant.  

I can't remember what would have gotten to me prior to that, as we didn't have cable pretty much the whole time we were TTC, LOL.  

I do remember a Sears commercial (yes, Sears) years ago that was about Father's Day.  Cue woman entering room where her partner is sitting at the table.  She hands him a box and says, "Happy Fathers Day."  And he says, "What???"  Yeah, that's how she told him she was pregnant.  Sigh...Always made me weep.

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  1. Those kind of commercials always got to me too.


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