Thursday, July 14, 2011

30 Day Infertility Blog Challenge: Day 13

13.Post the list of potential baby names that you seriously considered, but can no longer use because someone stole it/it became too popular/whatever reason.

LOL.  No one is using our names, let me assure you of that.  We choose pretty unique names.  

Unique to the point that I have been shot down by more than one partner with regard to my dream name: Tjiandjeua.  It's Herero.  And it was my favorite name I came across while there (Namibia) It means "gift" and I have always thought that it couldn't be more apropos.

I understand.  No one can say it.  No one can spell it.  Then again, it turns out the same is true for the very simple "Phelan" that we chose, LOL.  

I still hold out hope that I will be able to use that name in some way, some day.  

Oh, you say it She-ahn-jay-wa.  Basically.  I won't try to explain the "dj" diphthong.  LOL.  

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