Tuesday, July 19, 2011

30 Day Infertility Blog Challenge: Day 18

18.Tell us about a pre-ttc pregnancy “scare.” With your current partner, or with an ex.

Oh, how I laugh about those scares now...seeing as it turns out there was NO WAY I could have been pregnant.  Well, I don't know about the first one, as I was only 17, but the rest I am fairly certain were impossible.

The biggest one was honestly when I first started seeing Hubby.  I had just split with my ex-wife, and, no lies here, had been living it up.  For the first time in years I was with men, and I got around for a few weeks.  I honestly hadn't tracked my cycle much while I was with her, so hadn't realized that I was not a 28-day kinda girl.  

What happened is that I was dating one guy, but we were not theoretically committed (that is a LONG story).  Had a drunk incident with another, then split with guy #1 and was dating Hubby.  I was late.  Not knowing when I O'd or ANYTHING, I was late, and had been feeling under the weather.  This is actually what triggered the TTC discussion with Hubby (see the first post of this, I think).  So here I was, all Mama Mia - 3 possible dads!  

Wow, did I feel like a slut!  I took a couple tests when I was 5 days late (assuming 28 days) - all negative.  But it sure made me think.  And it's when I realized I really wanted to have a baby.  But what a mess that would have been!  

*Shudder*.  Sure taught me a lesson!  


  1. I love it! My pregnancy scare was a lil different tho...after having lost my 1st pregnancy@ 6mos I was PETRIFIED 2 even think abt pregnancy in general... Then just wen I think I'm never gonna b a mommy I get knocked up! It s was a hard journey nd very EMOTIONAL but worth every second when I look into the eyes of my beautiful baby girl. :) So glad ur a mommy now too, u sooo deserve it <3

  2. Mine was actually with my very first serious boyfriend. I also didn't realize I wasn't a "normal" cycle kinda girl and suddenly discovered I was "late". What petrified me was that I had just discovered he was cheating! We were breaking up and here I was thinking I was preggers! Now I look back and think "Oh, you naive idiot! If only it were that easy!", but at the time, I was scared out of my mind! But, we live and we learn. I know now that I would have survived no matter but it wasn't meant to be then. Don't know when/if it will be meant to be. We keep on trudging forward!


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