Tuesday, July 12, 2011

30 Day Infertility Blog Challenge: Day 11

11.Post your favorite pre-ttc picture of yourself. Why is it your favorite? If possible, talk about that day/moment.

Ack...pre-TTC?  Really?  Ummm...yeah, this required a lot of digging.  We lost a lot of our photos when our computer kicked the bucket last year. Plus, I usually take the photos, especially back then...

This is actually NOT my favorite, but I couldn't find the one I wanted.  Not without a hunt, then scanning...etc.  You know the drill.

Okay, so this was taken near the end of my road trip from WI to CA when I moved there in the fall of '03.  I was happy.  Thrilled to be on the road, seeing new things, and not giving a rat's ass how I looked...ever.  I miss that confidence in my body.  Right now I rather miss that body, too, LOL.  That was one of my last days on the road, at this great place on the coast where the waves cause great big splashes as they come into this little inlet.  It is both quiet and forceful.  

It was before anyone made me self-conscious about my clothes.  Before my heart was broken by someone.  Before I got sucked back into corporate America.  I was on my way to do good.  To live outside and to make a difference.  I liked myself at this time for the most part.  I accepted who I was, and had found peace with myself.  It had been a very long time in coming.

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  1. And that's just what makes this picture so beautiful. :)
    It is always a little strange to look back and see how time has changed us. That's the whole point of this question. Great post!


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