Saturday, July 16, 2011

30 Day Infertility Blog Challenge: Day 15

15.If you are not yet pregnant/a parent: What are you MOST and LEAST looking forward to after that first beta? If you are already pregnant/a parent: What was the most pleasant/unpleasant thing about pregnancy? If you have taken the childfree path: What pregnancy symptom are you happy to have avoided, and which one do you wish you’d experienced?

Hahahahahaha.  Snort.  Gasp. Wipe tears from eyes.  


If any of you remember my pregnancy (which wasn't that long ago, though it really seems like it!), you will remember that if there was a horrid symptom, I had it at one point or another.  I was a walking pregnancy nightmare, LOL.  The most unpleasant?  Ummm, I didn't so much enjoy dry-heaving for 6 months straight, all day every day and the pump I got to wear to "ease" the symptoms.  Though I did get used to it and became amused by it at one point.  Wasn't such a fan of heartburn, either (which, btw, has not entirely dissipated...WTF???).  

The most pleasant thing?  Being pregnant.  Growing a life.  Feeling him move.  I am not sure there is anything more intimate than that feeling, and it is what I miss the most.  It made everything worth it.  I loved being round and fat and it was okay to be that way.  I loved every miserable minute of the above stuff because of it being a miracle.  I wanted to feel that amazing forever.  But...babies have to come out at some point.  Maybe I will get the opportunity again.  Maybe I won't.  I will never take having had the pleasure for granted.  

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  1. Yeah, you sure did have a rough pregnancy and I am so impressed at how well you handled it! I absolutely hate feeling nauseous/throwing up and you handled it so well! Being pregnant is so amazing and I'm glad you enjoyed it even though you were so sick.


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