Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Well, That's That

After a fabulously relaxing 24 hours at my mom's with P, things came crashing down.

Just before I was to leave to head home, Hubby called.  The shit hit the fan here.  And I can't write about it here due to privacy issues, but let's just say, it could have been a LOT worse.  And I am thankful that I wasn't here, P wasn't here, and Hubby is okay.

We were discussing the next morning bumping up the "everyone has to be out of our house" timeframe due to the events of Sunday, when Hubby's boss called...

Now, he is an independent contractor, and someone new took over their division about 6 months ago, and things have been rocky since then.  The f'ing idiot running it is clueless.  Long story made short, he pulled Hubby's contract due to the fact that he felt that Hubby had been doing his job incorrectly all this time.  In reality, he didn't pay attention to how it had been done (the boss that is).

Which means we just lost over half our income.

And...since he is independent, he cannot claim unemployment.  Yeah.  Awesome.

The irony of this?  I just put in my application yesterday morning for a new job with first day benefits and $20k in IF coverage which would allow us to use our frosties THIS YEAR.  Which we've decided is what we want.  And just pray my body handles it if I do in fact manage to get pregnant.

So what now?  Well, Hubby has been picking up paper routes when people are on vacation.  We are thinking he is going to pick up more, and try to get hired on as a utility driver, which means he delivers the papers that get missed or people who couldn't get it done on their regular routes due to being ill or something.  The paper routes themselves are basically cash payment.  He is also working on scrapping with the neighbor.

And I am contacting WIC this week.  Hopefully today.

We will make things work.  We always do.  We're good at being scrappy.  But my shit luck, man.  We were just getting a handle on things.

So, the house will be all ours again by July 15 (you have NO IDEA how happy I am about this!), and now we just figure out how to make ends meet...again.

Wish us luck, you guys.  We need a little right now.


  1. Yikes!! What a craptastic combo of events!! I'm so sorry. Wishing you all sorts of luck!!

  2. Ugh, I am so sorry you are going through this, it's tough. My parents lived like this for many years, and finally things stabilized. They will for you too.

    I am crossing my fingers for you and that job and to use those frosties. I really think that that was meant to be for you.

    Sending some warm thoughts your way and positive wishes.

  3. Good lord! What a curve ball to have to deal with. grrr.

    My dh was laid off/fired in the fall of 2008... also a contract employee so not eligible for unemployment. We figured worst case scenario it would take us a year to get his back to work, but here we are mid 2011 and still just figuring out how to scrape it all together. Thank god for my job (a new job that I started in 2009.)

    It doesn't escape me that regardless of all that, we are the lucky ones. We've managed to stay in our home, managed (how is beyond me) to afford our fertility treatments, and keep our heads above water. We have our health, our family, and each other.

    You and Mike have been through the ringer together already. may this tumultuous time pass quickly.

    much love - Foxy

  4. Ugh, ugh, ugh! I'm so sorry this is happening. Our closing date on the new house is July 15th... so you and I should celebrate somehow! (How do you do that 4000 miles apart?) :P

    Hope the work situation turns around in a big hurry and that the new job comes through!

  5. Wow, isn't that just the way...
    You sound like you're no stranger to rough times, which (though tragic that anyone has to get used to hard times) is a huge benefit. That doesn't make it suck less, but at least you don't have as much shock to recover from before you start taking action. Silver lining, right?
    I feel your pain, having been thru crap like this myself. No advice for you, but lots of hugs. Best of luck - I hope this latest obstacle is short-lived.

  6. Damn, that fucking sucks! You've got my love and support coming your way.

  7. My, my! Sorry to hear you have to go through this crap. I know you'll make it, though! Hoping you get the job and get your frosties soon!

  8. Sorry girl! What a run of bad luck :(


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