Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers:

  • I have determined that the strangeness of my dreams is inversely proportional to the amount of sleep I get.  
  • Peanut is going through an INSANE growth spurt!  Thus, less sleep the last few nights and ridiculous dreams.
  • Daycare did a skills assessment, and he is actually pretty on track!  Preemie, my ass!  LOL. 
  • My nipples are so, so destroyed.  Seriously, pumping is KILLING me.  It makes feeding horridly painful.  And I am fairly certain it is actually making my production worse because of the stress from the pain.  I am going to make myself and appointment with the OB really soon so as to figure this shit out.
  • I now have a lovely boot to wear!  It's heavy, makes me waddle and my ankle ache. But it's better than the stupid shoe and crutches.  Plus, I am totally using all of this as an excuse to not shave :-)
  • As for the could be a stress fracture or soft tissue damage.  The MRI results weren't in when I went to the drop dead sexy podiatrist.
  • Hubby should be starting a huge paper route soon.  It's better than nothing, right?  I hate being back in financial hell :-(
  • Thoughts on Zantac, cod liver oil, and brewer's yeast for milk production?  These are the latest and greatest ideas...Guess I need to go shopping!
  • Guess who still has no sex drive????  That would be me!!!  Hello libido?  Where are you?  Oh, right, being sucked out of me every couple of hours by a ravenous little boy and a pirahna-like pump.  
  • Neighbor Shorte tattooed "Phelan" on Hubby, plus one other thing.  It will be on me Monday :-)  FREE.  I take my ink when I can get it.  I will show you once complete...I am adding onto an existing tattoo.
  • I can't wait to clean my house!!!  No, really, I can't!  Soon it shall be manageable again.  

Later!  Growing boy needs more boob.


  1. Sorry breastfeeding is so painful! Hopefully the OB will have some ideas.

    I am excited to clean my house too!!!

  2. Maybe this was covered before, but what pump are you using? Have you tried different size flanges? The wrong size can destroy (I know this one from experience). I found that a dark beer (guinness) and oatmeal (hello cookies!) work wonders on my milk production. Hang in there momma!

  3. i'm rocking the oatmeal presently. it's working -- probably not getting me that much more, but enough. lots of other ideas on kelly mom.

    i'm not sure i'll pump at all when i go back to work. it sucks, even aside from the vasospasm problem.

    also, just in case: zantac made me hell of nauseated while pregnant, so if you start feeling queasy, keep that in mind.


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