Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tattoo Comparison!

 Before I start, let me just say $#%@$^$%#&^*%.

I mean that.  I couldn't get my laptop to do the photos side by side.  Sorry.

Anyway, this is an absolutely horrid picture, but the only one I have of the tat head on.  Yes, my belly button really is normally that furry.  LOL. 


This is as of today...Honestly, it looks much the same.  It really looks good on a pregnant belly!  The star has moved up a bit on the left as my belly button has changed.  Well, the right, actually, but you know what I mean.  Your left.  Actually, the whole thing looks higher than in the original, BUT doesn't really seem to have stretched too badly (yet!)

This is the day the first part of this tattoo was done.  Figured that works, since it's the part y'all see the most often. 

Umm, yeah...I had "fat" days?  HAHAHA!  Now I wonder if I will get that back!  My entire rib cage has expanded!  Anyway, LOL.  That's how it started!

Same photo from the other day.  Well, I could have my shirt up higher, but I'm lazy and didn't feel like trying to get a good shot.  LOL. 
What's amusing is it was the BELLY tattoo I worried about, and this one is proving to be far more interesting! 
So, there you go, ladies.  I'm sure I will be able to update further along.  But I didn't want to end up missing the chance, and many of you have mentioned it as time has gone on. 


  1. So cute! You're making me want to get a tat :) You're right they do look fairly the same, though. take care

  2. Love this, and I love your tats. I have one on my ribs/side and one on my hip that I was always curious about as far as what would happen during pregnancy. Yours look great, though!

  3. That's awesome that they haven't changed much. I LOVE the one on your side...the baby bump makes it even more beautiful!

    I have a sunflower below my belly button and to the right...it's low enough to where my underwear covers it up. If I ever get preggo, I guarantee it will be a wilted sunflower when all is said and done!

  4. I love the "before" and "now" pics... You'll have to do a before, half-way baked & full term pic in a few weeks!

    And yes, I saw you were doing the jungle/safari theme as well! I love what you have picked out... the hardest part is going to be choosing what to have sent to you! :)

  5. Your pregnant belly is soooooooo kissable!! I have to say make sure to retain a bit of weight after the pregnancy because I think it really suits you to be just a little heavier!
    On the tattoos, I think the star and the moon are further apart LOL! and I love how the writing is heading upwards towards the end of each line! you know, that means optimism! Love, Fran

  6. OMG.....toooooo friggin' adorable, beautiful, gorgeous and absolutely delightful. :D I wonder about my tats stretching if (when?) I get preggo....but I don't have to look since they're on my back. LOL

  7. P.S. I realize you already have the Versatile Blogger Award, but I said "screw it" and gave it to you again. :)


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