Saturday, February 26, 2011


Holy  Crap - 8 months!!!!


31 weeks. 
How far along: 32 weeks 0 days. Cricket is the size of a large squash. Approximately 17-19 inches, 4-4.5 lbs. Cricket's head is increasing in circumference by 1.25 cm every week - ouch!  LOL.  By the end of 40 weeks, Cricket will DOUBLE in weight (again, ouch!)

Total Weight Gain: 151.4 lbs = 38 lbs (ish)

Maternity clothes: Hell yeah! Some of my shirts are actually getting a bit, umm, short...with 2 months (we hope!) to go!

Sleep: I stay in bed about 10-12 hours some nights (excluding the NUMBEROUS trips to the bathroom).  Some days I also take a 1-2 hour nap.  I give props to the non-bedrest babes who work and stay active the whole time - serious props.

Movement: Things have begun settling down...more stretching and whatnot than Jackie Chan.  Her feet have been under my ribs on the right side for about a month now, and when she stretches them out - that is not the coziest feeling in the world.  I have to lean to the left and raise up my arm to get relief.  She WILL NOT BUDGE, and trust me, I've tried all the tricks, LOL.  I love when she pushes her bum way up.  LOL.

32 weeks - I thought I exploded more
this week, but apparently not!
Cravings/Aversions: Cravings:  Haven't mentioned this, but I drink EASILY a half gallon of pomegranate lemonade a day...since the beginning.  Soooo good.  Aversions: Red meat.

Sex: Well, it's about time to start placing your votes!  I have been convinced since the beginning that Cricket is a girl - but it's a great mystery!

Symptoms: Crazy, crazy Procardia induced dreams - for instance: dreamt that we did a home ET...but instead of human embryos, we put in TURTLES.  No, really.  That is just wrong on SO many levels. 

What I miss: Belly sleeping, sex - and not just the sex.  I miss really kissing my husband, cuddling...but I get worked up wayyyy too easily for that.  I miss my husband :(

What I look forward to: Belly button poppage, although I am beginning to think it may never happen. Ultrasound Monday, baby shower in 2 weeks!  Holy crap, I get to have a baby shower!  Holy f'in crap.

Moods: Okay, didn't come around.  Bawled so much this week.  Have to breathe.  Have. To. Breathe.  Hormones, hormones, hormones.

Milestones: 8 months!  When I look straight down I can no longer see my belly button or the tattoo around it.  I have to crane my head, LOL.

Just so I have it...
Medical Concerns: Hypothyroid, anxiety, migraines, bursitis, PTL (ie Helga is a cranky bitch), IC. Ready for the list? Syn.throid 50 mcg, 100 mg, Iron, D3, B12, Vitamin C, Folic acid, stool softeners. Flexeril a bit longer, Tylenol 3 for the migraines, Procardia 20 mg 3x/day, Unisom so I sleep a bit better.

Weekly Wisdom: Breathe.  Seriously, just breathe. 

Best moment this week: Getting maternity photos back!  It really did make my week in my basketcase state of mind. 

Worst moment this week: Feeling emotionally out of control a lot of the week. With no way to burn off that energy.  Still.  I haven't figured out how to combat this yet.


  1. Yay! wow. I looked at the photos too and they're awesome... * months is awesome. cricket is doing a great job of staying put in there for now, although I feel for you with the bedrest!

  2. Can your belly be any cuter?? Love, Fran

    ps: did I tell you already that my belly button never popped? Yeah, I think i did, but just in case!!

  3. My belly button didn't pop either, it just got really really shallow. I can't believe you're at 32 weeks already! So close now!

  4. Wow! 32 weeks is a great milestone :D I'm putting my vote in now that Cricket is a girl. I've been thinking that for a couple of weeks.

    Oh, btw, I had a look at your medication list and I'm on 7 of the 12 medications and I'm not preggers! The Hubs said he would be concerned to see our medicine cabinet when/if we do get pregnant :D

  5. Like Fran mentioned my belly button never popped either...Anyways 8months how awesome:) Time will really start to fly!!! Naps oh those were the days...Im by no means complaining but I sure could use one of those right now..ha ha...Anyways girlie always thinking of you and hope those crazy hormones are more forgiving this week

  6. Hey babe, it makes sense that you miss your hubby. I know this is difficult but 32 weeks is amazing! My belly button hasn't popped either, hope yours does tho
    tho! take care

  7. Congrats on the new milestone..and hoping for many more pleasant ones to come!

    Cricket is a girl...that has been my feeling since the beginning!


  8. You look great! My belly button never popped - it's just flat flat flat! haha.

  9. Congrats on making it to 32 weeks!

  10. Yup, my belly button never popped either. I think it is adorable when they do though...:) I am voting Cricket is a girl too!


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