Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday Meet Up

Yesterday was our first Blog Meet-up!   Unfortunately, events conspired such that it was only me, Lauren, and Michele.  But that's okay.  We will work on this, and make it bigger! 

It didn't matter, though.  We had a fantastic time :)  And talked about any number of topics while Michele's twins frolicked.    And how cute are they?  Totally cute.  It was wonderful, no need to explain terminology or some of the bizarre feelings associated with our respective issues.  I am so glad we got the ball rolling on this.

Look for information for our next gathering, which will be at Kir's house in early summer :)

I did find out that if I am sitting up like a normal person my feet turn into sausages, LOL.  So, I am glad that I'm on bedrest and missing the worst of that! 

So, good food, good friends, good times.  Thanks, ladies!


  1. Sorry I missed it. I haven't been having a good two days. Hope you ladies had fun. I wanted to share my new blog address with you-

  2. Oh my goodness, I want to buy a plane tickets and come meet you all at Kir's house this summer. Oh My Goodness do I dream of spending an day, a weekend, taking with you guys - OHHHH and holding your little cricket!!!!

    Very very awesome!

  3. Had such a great time!!! So glad you ladies could make it! :)


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