Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: Groundhog Day Edition

That's what these last couple weeks felt like.  Same day after day after day after day after...You get the idea.  LOL.  I have to say, I admire the hell out of long-term Bedrest Babes.  I was ready to tear my hair out!

Anywho, here ya go!
  • My mother has joined the current century - she has been sending me TEXT MESSAGES!  I almost dropped from shock. 
  • The reason she has taken this up is to update me more easily with regard to my step-dad, who was supposed to undergo a mid-calf amputation this week due to a recurrent diabetes related infection.  HOWEVER, it has become rather a clusterfuck because it's the same leg that has an existing knee replacement with metal rods extending down the bones of said leg.  He has to see a specialist in Philly because the regular surgeons won't touch it with a 10-foot pole.  Oy vey!  Don't worry, it's being sorted.
  • Grey's Anatomy has been pissing me off this season - aren't they supposed to have medical consultants on that show?  "Hostil" uterus?  I know mine is irritable, but HOSTILE?  And not being able to get a heartbeat with the dildocam before 8 weeks?  WTF?  Sigh.  Can I write them a letter?
  • Nearly 20 evites have gone out for our little Blog Meetup - many have still not replied :(
  • I am in serious nesting phase and I am TERRIBLE at it.  I have decided to enlist help (my mom is kinda out of the equation now what with the surgery) because I'm not good at cleaning, organizing, and purging.
  • Last but not least, Holly  went and got an adorable haircut.  And now I have it, too.  Though I don't have the hawk going yet, but I totally will.  So I'm leaving you with a photo of my newly shorn hair.


  1. Oh wow cute hair! You are so naughty with the grey's spoilers lol! I skipped past it cos we are on episode one! Anyway all good, how cool about your mum! Mine is surgically attached to hers. Nesting is good but glad you are off bedrest. Take care

  2. I hope that your step dad is doing okay and get's his surgery soon. And I know what you mean about Grey's Anatomy!!! You can get a HB at 6 weeks. I saw one at 6w5d and that wasn't even with a vagisound! Not feeling the Callie/Arizona thing. Arizona left her they should be caputs in my eyes. Hope Cricket is doing well.

  3. LOVE the hair! It looks awesome on you :D I don't follow Grey's Anatomy, but you would think they could get that much right. I've never been preggers, but even I know you can get a heartbeat with "Wandy" before 8 weeks.

    Praying everything goes well with your step-dad's surgery! Diabetic infections are awful and then the added Thinking of you all, though!

  4. So cute!! I totally agree on the "no HB before 8 weeks"!! And sure that scan looked like you definitely could see it!! So I don't know what the hell is going on in Grey's this season...they better get their record straight!
    You look so so cute with the new haircut!!

  5. Your hair looks flippin awesome! How fun to go that short! I gave up Grey's Anatomy a few years back because it ended up just irritating me too much and now I am really thankful I did so I don't have to deal with the uneducated writers of the show!

  6. Beautiful!
    P.S. Heheh...dildo cam...funny. :)


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