Saturday, February 12, 2011



How far along: 29 weeks 0 days. Cricket is the size of a butternut squash. Approximately 17 inches, 3 lbs. Cricket's brain is getting wrinkly :)  And her bone marrow is producing red blood cells now.  Lanugo is also beginning to disappear.

Total Weight Gain: 149 lbs = 35.5 lbs!  Seriously, bedrest and my chocolate cravings are BAD.  All of you under 20 lb weight gainers make me JEALOUS.  I am HUGE.

Maternity clothes: My closet is insane...between my original clothes, the maternity wear I inherited, and the things I've's insane in there.

Sleep: Procardia makes me so, so sleepy.  And if I have to run errands (don't worry, I use a wheelchair/scooter in stores), I get sooooo exhausted so fast!

Movement: We seem to have moved into a 2 hour pattern. 2 hours awake, 2 hours asleep. The movement is mostly stronger now, but more stretching than kicking. What kicks I do get are wicked forceful!  Feet in the right side of my ribcage = mucho discomfort.  Love it.

29 weeks
Cravings/Aversions: Cravings: Chocolate.  Bad me.  French fries, pizza, and the never ending need for California/Shrimp rolls. Aversions: Red meat.

Sex: This week I have been told NO LESS than 5 times that I am having a boy.  Colliwog thinks somehow there is a twin hiding in there, and only 1 vote for a girl.  Apparently, other than my family, the feeling is boy all the way.  And can we not talk about sex? 

Symptoms: Heartburn and acid reflux have kicked in with a VENGEANCE. VERY vivid dreams. Sciatic and back pain.. More colostrum.  Very short of breath.  I HATE the stairs in my house.

What I miss: Sleeping on my belly. As getting cozy gets more difficult, I miss that option more and more. Sex.  Being able to clean, etc.  Working on finding projects I can do sitting. 

What I look forward to: Belly button poppage (it's getting quite shallow!) Blog meet up (I get to be social!).  Baby shower in 1 month.

Moods: It's been another roller coaster of emotions this week, which leaves me exhausted and unable to even complete things I could normally do sitting down.  I think I'm pouting.  Haven't read blogs all week (sorry gang!).  Actually, moping might be more accurate.  Must remedy that.

30 weeks. No bra, so the BBs are sitting right
on top of my belly.  LMAO. 
Milestones: 30 weeks is good :) 

Medical Concerns: Hypothyroid, anxiety, migraines, bursitis, PTL (ie Helga is a cranky bitch), incompetent cervix.  Ready for the list? Syn.throid 50 mcg, 100 mg, Iron, D3, B12, Vitamin C, Folic acid, stool softeners. Flexeril a bit longer, Tylenol 3 for the migraines, Procardia 20 mg 3x/day, Unisom so I sleep a bit better.

Weekly Wisdom: Trust my instincts.  Real clothes make me feel like less of a bum, so wear them even if doing NOTHING all day.

Best moment this week: Good laugh over the fact that Hubby and Colliwog bought me a bell to ring, LOL. 

Worst moment this week: Hospital, fear (again), frustration at financial losses and maternity leave losses, feeling helpless, getting glared at in the grocery store by a woman with an oxygen tube pushing a cart while I sat in the scooter.  I just ignored her.  But still.


  1. Gosh the Bedrest blues...they suck....People just dont realize how hard it is to be on Bedrest...I mean when your on bedrest no more work...not as much socialization...your weeks/times out are for Dr.'s or baby related reasons....lack of just normal daily much sitting around hurts the body and makes you unmotivated....I know for me these adjustments were a big time struggle for at first...I am just one of those people that is used to doing it all and def dont like to be told what to do so at times it was so hard for me:(

    This is really dumb but when I intially was put on Bedrest a month had went by and I had hit my point...I was going crazy if I didnt do something other than sit around..It was fall and the hubs was outside working in the yard...I decided to go out and join him for a bit...I grabbed the mini rake and went in the back yard to rake out my little flower garden bed that was around two of our tree's and boy did I catch holy hell for this...It was something that literally took me 3min and was so not straining...but hubs was not happy and then we got into it...I went on and on about how he didnt understand how it feels to lose your Independance and if it makes me happy to rake for 2 min with a mini rake then let me do it...then I remember going into the house and just bawling...again so not me...but I guess that was kinda my breaking point...but I will say you will have some hard days and then other days will be great...It just get old fast but all for a great cause:)

  2. If it makes you feel better, I have gained less than 20 pounds, but I weigh more than you... right now you are actually at a weight I would be happy at NOT pregnant. Oh, and your belly is totally adorable!

    Also, on my days off I am tempted to sit in my pjs all day, but I've found putting clothes on helps me feel better about myself as well :).

    Congrats on making it to 30 weeks!! Only 10 more (ish) until we find out what Cricket is (gender wise).

  3. Just wanted to let you know that you look fantastic honey! Ten or so more weeks to go, and I KNOW you can do it! *hugs* Also wanted to say that if you're looking for cloth diapers, I've got some barely-used (like once or twice!) ones that you may be interested in. I'm looking to sell them. Many hugs coming your way!

  4. 3/4 of the way there! And I totally agree with the real clothes thing. Because this winter has been so cold, I haven't gone out much with the wee one since she's arrived, so there can be several days in a row where I don't leave the house. It's important to still feel good about yourself and wear things that make you feel human. Hang in there!


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