Friday, February 25, 2011

Maternity Photos!!!

There are a ton!  So just bear with me, I tried to post only my favorites, LOL.  Also, there is 1 shot that is not work safe, and a couple questionable, so just beware!  Hope you enjoy!  We certainly did!

NOTE: These photos were taken by Rebecca Fuhs Gotzon, who does not yet have a website, but IS on FB for those in the Lehigh Valley area!

Hubby asked if I would wear this top around
the house all the time. LOL

I kept trying to push my boobs up...soooo didn't
work out that way.  Uncooperative wenches!

Poor Hubby - got a goofball for a wife.

This one and the following one are my
favorites of the 2 of us together.

I had to promise I wouldn't post these 2 on
Facebook - no such rules here!  LOVE!

Rebecca did these in B&W, too, but I liked the
glow of the backlight.

Totally putting this up in the bedroom!

This is my hands-down favorite of the bunch...I picked the pose and
she NAILED it.  LOVE!

Don't give me a prop...I have tooo much fun with
them, LOL.  


  1. They are just gorgeous! This is such a great record to have :) how many are you framing? Xx

  2. These are stunning! Very artistic. Glad you got a wonderful photographer who seemed to capture not just your pregancy but your whole personality as well (Not that I know you well, but these aren't cookie-cutter pix so I'm just assuming you had some say).
    Either way, they're great. :)

  3. Oh my gosh! These are so awesome! You look so beautiful in them :D Almost made me cry!

  4. Probably the most fun maternity pics I've ever seen!!

  5. Awesome, your personality really shines through. I like the one you "nailed"- really cool posturing.

  6. Okay, many comments jumbled into 1 super comment... ready? LOVE THOSE pics, yeah that tiny top in the first couple of pics is awesome, your nuddy pics are my absolute fave! Babe pointed at your belly as she walked by and said "daughter" and she also believes that the pic of you and Colliwog dying your hair makes the both of you doctors.... yup, all true. You shouldn't have to make decisions like that and I know you will have more than 1 kiddo one day, money or no money its the love that builds a family and unites it. I know your family will find a way. Rooting for you!!!

  7. They are sensational!! I love them all!! The nes with you and DH are fantastic and I am a little sad I didn't have any know...the anxiety...

    Next time!!

  8. WOW... you look amazing and so pregnant! It's so incredible that our bellies hold a new life! How are you feeling/doing? You are rounding the bend girl... I am so excited to see your lil' one!!

  9. Those are absolutely incredible!!!! I love them all.

  10. Those are gorgeous and so much fun!

  11. These are beautiful! I just love them all :) Nice rack, fyi. And also, I am voting that Cricket is a girl.

  12. oooh, I am so sorry I didn't get over her sooner. You look amazing, look at you!!!!! so beautiful, that bump is just gorgeous.
    The ones of you and hubby are so cute, I loved each and every one of them.

  13. beyond beautiful. simply incredible.


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