Sunday, February 13, 2011

Adventures With Colliwog

So, as you know, my dear friend is staying with us.  She will be here another week or so.  Anyway, she and I have a long and distinguished history dating back to muddy slip and slide in the quad in college.  We may be older, but we still get up to high jinx.  Just ... different ones.

Let me share some examples.
  1. The day I landed in the hospital for PTL the FIRST time, the repair guy came to look at the freezer.  Colliwog drooled.  A lot.  Tried to be all chivalrous with me and totally twirled her hair, flirted, and tried for his number.  She is so bad.
  2. Later that day we went to the mall, leading to the ambulance ride.  What happens?  I'm having contractions and the driver and she are flirting shamelessly.  No kidding.  THE WHOLE TIME.  Hello?  Freaked out pregnant lady here!  *Shakes head*.  I love her.
  3. We have devised the funniest pregnant shot in drag.  It's been way too long, after all, and in a robe, I really do look like a middle-aged man with a paunch.  LMAO. 
  4. She gave me a head band with feathers on it - turns out they are rooster feathers.  Also known as cocks.  So I had cock on my head - closest I can get, I'll take it.  Thanks, hon!
  5. She gave me a purple mohawk - which is considerably tamer than what she did to my hair in college.  Trust me. 
  6. She has made me laugh so hard I farted.  No, really. 
  7. If she weren't disabled and I weren't on bedrest, you can bet there would be considerably more stupid behavior.  We do what we can while stuck inside.
It's both difficult and wonderful to have her here.  I want more done on the nursery, but she's living in there amidst the chaos.  But I'd be home alone alllll the damn time.  We amuse each other. 

And when all of my normal coping mechanisms are verboten, someone who can (usually) make me laugh is good medicine.  But seriously.  Next time I go into labor in a public place she'd better not try to get the driver's number.  Besides, she's still trying to track down the first driver...

...seriously, she is.

At this very moment she is taking pictures of my boobs looking huge in my current outfit.  Yeah.  Thanks.


  1. You have some cool friends!! POst a pic of the two of you, I have this feeling you may not be so different! love, Fran

  2. Glad to hear you have someone to amuse you while you're on bedrest! Would also love to see a pic. Take care

  3. It is nice to hear that you have some company while you are on bedrest. What a treasure you both have in each other's friendship. Have fun!

  4. You know what? We had Flynn's nursery all set up a couple of months before he was born--and he didn't sleep in it ONCE the first year of his life. If you're nursing, it's so much easier just to have the baby sleeping in your bedroom.

    I think it's great that you have such a good friend there for companionship. Enjoy this time!

  5. Awesome to have a friend like that around right about now!! :)

  6. she sounds like just what you need right now. I am glad she's there...and the nursery will GET DONE, I swear, Cricket won't care took me a LONG time to understand that.
    I'm just glad that someone is there to make you giggle.

  7. Where are those drag pics?? :)


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