Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday, Monday

Seriously, Mondays are not even my Monday!  My Monday is normally Tuesday right now.  Tell that to the Powers That Be.

Mondays Plan:
  • Hubby takes Subaru to dealership as it blew1 fan belt and was having difficulties maintaining power.
  • I take Colliwog to CVS and grocery store.
  • Clean bathroom and get started on bedroom.
  • Make chili.
  • Go with Hubby for (somewhat redundant) hospital tour. 
Actual Monday:
  • Hubby gets stranded 1/3 of the way to the dealership.
  • Colliwog and I drive way out of the way to go shopping in order to be near the dealership to rescue Hubby after he gets there via tow truck.
  • Finally make it home by 4:30, at which point I am in a LOT of back pain.  Screw chores. 
  • Sit long enough to get food into my tummy.
  • Head to hospital tour.
  • Start having contractions while touring maternity ward (around 7:15)
  • Leave tour group to check into Triage.
  • Get home 11 pm-ish.
Yeah, the best laid plans....

So, here's how the EXCITING part of the day went.

We arrive for the tour, and I realize just how WEIRD I feel in a room of pregnant women.  Really weird. LOL.  Like, am I really part of this group?  Do I really get to be here?  Wow.   I felt sort of...out of body.  So we sit there and there is a slide show just talking about the hospital, the maternity floor, what to bring, what to expect, yadda yadda yadda.  That started at 6:30.  Around 7:15 that part finished and we got up to proceed to the actual maternity floor (like we don't know where that is, LOL). 

Within minutes of me being on my feet, I started contracting.  After 2 I started timing.  8 in about 25 minutes.  Not regularly spaced, and not strong, but frequent enough that I was starting to freak.  By this time we have made it to the floor, and, amusingly enough, are in the LDR rooms (which, I might add, are quite nice!).  I stepped outside with Hubby and we made the decision to head over to Triage on the other side of the floor...didn't even bother calling the doctor as we are ALREADY THERE.  So, off we go.  Sitting calmed the contractions down, but now I have EXCRUCIATING lower back and hip pain. 

We got me wheeled into Triage just as the tour group was being showed Triage.  I waved.  Can I just say that by the time we do this for real, all the residents and nurses are going to know me!  One from 2 stays ago actually popped her head in to say "hi".  LOL.  So, I end up in the SAME Triage room, and the nurse said, "You know what to do, eh?'  Yup, grabbed the pee cup, gown, and belly band and headed to the bathroom. 

Those damn exam tables are REALLY uncomfortable.  Hubby got a taste of me in labor last night.  I asked him to come help roll me over, and he said, "Hang on, let me grab..." at which point I yelled, "NO!"  The resident laughed. 

So, at this point I am feeling sheepish because now the contractions have slowed down and are more like menstrual cramps.  But, resident came in and did a dildocam check to be safe.  So, as of last week my cervix was holding steady at 3.4 cm in length.  Last night it had shortened again to 2.7 cm.  2.5 is when they "start to be concerned."  She had to run out to go do a delivery (it was a busy night!), and when she came back the contractions were starting back up.  I said, "I'm not going to make it to 40 weeks, am I?"  She couldn't give me any sort of super positive response.  It was all, "It COULD do this" etc etc etc. 

I made her do an internal exam - no further dilation, still at around 1 cm, 30% effacement.  So, we put me back on the procardia, and sent me home.  I am out of the work another week (yeah, I was SUPPOSED to go back to work today), and even though I have an OB appointment Monday, I have to see them earlier, so will have 2 within a week I guess. 

I have decided the stronger contractions, the ones I was getting later on last night, and like I had the last time, are BIZARRE.  Still haven't been painful, but they take my breath away.  It is very bizarre to feel your entire mid-section squeezing inward.  I don't even know how to describe it.

Umm, what am I missing.  Oh, the contractions were not freqent enough to be able to see if my cervix was funneling again.  They said Cricket is behaving like a 36 week baby.  I pointed out that she's NOT!  LOL.  I am not technically on bedrest - "Activity as tolerated."  I pretty much made them give me the week off because I want A PLAN.  I am FREAKED OUT.  But we are okay.  I promise.  And once I see the OB we will know more, IN THEORY. 

Are you still here?  I know this was a long post.  And NOT what I was planning to write about today, LOL. 

Please tell me your Mondays were better?


  1. Yikes!! Well, if it had to happen, that surely was a good spot. I can imagine the rest of the tour group kind of freaked out as you disappeared and then were checking in at triage! They probably thought it was part of the demo of the tour! :)

    Stay relaxed at home and tell Cricket to stay put!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Stay in there Cricket! Give Mommy at least 7 more pregnant weeks!!

  3. You have just had way too many scares to have to deal with! What a Monday! Hoping for you that rest and another week off of work brings you less back pain. Oh stay in there Cricket! Keep growing strong!

  4. Stay baby stay! I hope things calm down and Cricket bakes for a few more months!

  5. Yikes! Crazy crazy Monday for you, huh? Glad Cricket is staying in, though. Hopefully for many more weeks!

  6. Rest up Mama! Cricket, you stay warm and cozy and right where you are for several more weeks!
    I thought I had a tough Monday...stepped in dog poo right outside my mailbox and had no idea until I tracked it into the car and drove the rest of the way up my driveway, so I spent the afternoon cleaning the car. Then, I burst into tears for no reason while making dinner.
    Nice to put this day behind us...Sleep good!

  7. Cricket - Stay put!
    Helga - relax, chill out, and be as lazy as possible.

    Sorry that it's been so crazy and stressful. I hope things get better.

  8. thinking of you and hoping cricket stays put for a fair few more weeks yet!

    apologies for lack of commenting but yeah if youve read me lately you'll understand - have been reading just not commenting.


  9. Oh man girl...not the way you want to start off the week:( I just cant fathom having all those contractions at this point...Even for me now Im not having regular contractions only really when I am straining with activity but I know if I was I would def go into labor being how effaced/dilated I am

    I really think they need to take you off work for the long hall..I know not what you want to hear but at this point why keep bouncing back and fourth...I know bedrest is questionable but I really think that is what has gotten me to the point I am at now:)

    Gosh I hope you get a good solid plan and see improvement!!!

  10. Bloody hell babes you're having a drama with all of this. So glad you sound sanguine about the whole thing. x

  11. To be honest, didn't have a great day at work on mon. But I am so glad you are resting. Crossing fingers your cervix behaves. You didn't say anything about the suckiness of losing your pay for yet another week, hope the money sitch is ok? Be good, little cricket! Take care

  12. So sorry that you are becoming so familiar with the L&D floor before 36 weeks! Hopefully she can stay put for a while longer!! Take it easy and rest up :).


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