Friday, April 2, 2010

Money Money Money, Must Be Funny, In a Rich Man's World

Yeah, it's an ABBA quote. What can I say, I'm a disco queen at heart. But it's true. Money. Now, DH and I are not exactly doing well financially well. We have a stack of medical bills from last year already. And having just moved, are still figuring out a budget for the new place. No credit cards that we use - only ones we are paying off. And we rent, don't own. Which leaves us with no way to get a loan or refinance or mortgage or ANYTHING.

Where am I going with this? I'm learning that IF seems to be a game of hurry up and wait. My insurance will cover probably 1 cycle of IVF before we max out. And most of the meds for 1 cycle, but not even sure about that. DS obviously not covered, and they need 4 bloody vials. Why, I do not know. 10 eggs in a petri dish need 4 vials of sperm? I guess it's to be safe, but right there we're looking at $1065 with the shipping. Still don't know how much on meds. And that's the "cheap" sperm. That's the cycle that's covered. If it doesn't work, we'd theoretically be able to do FET for round 2, out of pocket, and I can't even imagine how we're coming up with the first chunk of money, much less the 2nd.

Bouncing around ideas for saving, raising, and otherwise procuring money.

On a happier note, it seems I am an EXCELLENT candidate for IVF. FSH levels are good, and when they did my U/S 6 months ago to check my ovaries I had 13 follies on the left, and 9 on the right. Apparently that's good. DH is rarin' to go - wants to see me pg yesterday, you know?


  1. FOUR VIALS!??!??

    crap on a duck, that makes no sense. does it matter whether they're ICI, IUI, or IVF prep?

    sigh. i need to call andrology myself to find out what our clinic wants. and boy oh boy do i hope it's not 4. sheesh.

  2. For my clinic, that's ICI - i thought for sure it wouldn't be more than 2, and that was, I thought, a lot. But no, 4!!!!! I double-checked. That's twice what I was expecting, so yeah, not great news. Your clinic might be different though.

  3. okay, i called my clinic, scared senseless. but they said just get two ICI vials -- one is for backup. i still don't get why your place needs 4. but good that you can use your FSA!

  4. Bionic - LUCKY!!! That would save us $450. *sigh* I guess every clinic is different. GL!!!


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