Monday, April 26, 2010

Bad Blogger

I totally missed a day of ICLW while recovering yesterday from a wicked hangover induced by a full night (I'm talking 8 straight hours) of drinking with a friend. It was intended to be my last crazy night before giving up drinking completely in prep for IVF.

I'm pretty sure it did it's job. I am so off the juice. LOL. She double-dog-dared me to run around naked in the rain. So I did. What am I, a college girl? I'm 32! And then I posted it on FB and my MIL saw it. Oh, dear. Go me.

So, the drinking is out of my system and I'm on the wagon. Sad I missed a day of ICLW, but I'm trying to make up for it this morning. I had 14 comments to publish!!! I feel so loved!


  1. Here from ICLW. My husband has no swimmers, no vas deferens. We are planing IVF in June. Best wishes!

  2. Hi, Just over for ICLW. In an earlier post you asked who you would be after experiencing's my answer - you'll be you but wiser and kinder. Shite comes along and we have to try to learn something from it - otherwise it's just shite isn't it? xxx

  3. Gah! Have we not all had a night like this. Me, not so much running in the rain, but I'm sure we could share stories that would be similar, lol. Can't wait for your IVF cycle! We had our IUI this in the lovely 2ww.

  4. Your MIL saw the video? Oh wow! At least you are going off the sauce with a bang!


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