Friday, April 16, 2010

Thanks To All The Ladies (and gents)

I want to throw out some huge THANK YOUS to the ladies of IF Blog Land as well as the Bumpies for being just the best group of women (and the occasional gentleman) on Earth in terms of support and understanding. I really appreciate it. I enjoy following your stories, and welcome input and responses, although it really is becoming quite the time-suck. LOL.

Today I was looking around more of a new blog I'm reading Are We There Yet?, whose daughter shares my name!!!, and found 2 of her pages that were just fabulous, and made my day. So I would especially like to thank her today :)

One page, You Might Be An Infertile If..., is just a fabulous read. You'll recognize yourself there multiple times, whether new to the process or an old hand. She borrowed it...and so am I.

The second page, Things I Wish I Could Tell People About Grieving Infertility, is a nice addition to an article I posted last month from Resolve. It's so pertinent to me, especially at this stage where I get tired of being babied, or tip-toed around, or blatantly avoided. I TRY to tell people these things, but sometimes it's just difficult. Maybe someone else will get some benefit out of me sharing it....

So, enjoy your weekend, enjoy your reading and posting, and here's hoping for lots of sticky embies, and BFPs this weekend.

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