Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Little Hope

Open enrollment at work begins next week, and I was taking a look at some things when my FSA jumped up and bit me in the face - BRAINSTORM! Is it possible to use my FSA to pay for donor sperm and cryo???? Why, yes it is! SCORE!!!!!

The lady at Benesyst (our FSA provider) said, "cryo-what?" Ahhh, yes, the joys of IF. When she called me back with an answer, she had to leave a voicemail. I checked it when I was with a bunch of people in my training class, and I started jumping up and down and running around and laughing. So of course, they had to know what could have possibly made me so happy. "I can use our FSA to pay for SPERM!!!!" The whole training class knows now. I was too excited for them not to ask.

What does this mean? Benefit year starts in June, so the money should be in our account by July. Yes, we'll be on a tight budget, but it comes out of my paycheck pre-tax, and we don't have to wait a year for our first cycle! So, here's hoping it works the first time around. *Fingers crossed* 2-3 months to get myself super-healthy and positive for sticky embies....

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  1. Whoo Hoo! Keeping my fingers crossed over here for you too!


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