Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sometimes I Like the Doctor

Sucked it up today and went to the family doctor. Now have Zoloft and Atavan to get me through. Atavan - wow! I feel like I'm swimming through the air. It's weird. But first day in many without full-on panics. It's a start. Our nurse today went thru IF - 6 IUI's!! Damn. Tummy is still a bundle of nerves, and I'm wicked nervous about our consult and counseling tomorrow.

Exciting things: have met yet another IF'er who is pretty much in the same boat as us, though went through more to get to this stage. One thing I'm "grateful" for is that since all we've gotten is bad news, it weeds out our options and if IVF doesn't work, that's it for us. Also adopted a new fur-baby today - a 3rd cat. We are about to go introduce him to the rest of the fur-family....should be interesting.

Good friends had their 20 week u/s yesterday....I can't even face them. Couldn't see them or talk to them in person. Managed text messages. I warned them ahead of time, but they are still feeling a bit pushed away. I just couldn't do it. It put me into a really bad slump - which is why I'm so glad I got meds today. I left them a plant and congratulations card on their porch and then ran before she got home from work. I'm trying really hard not to totally shut them out. Friday is my date with a newborn....guess we'll see how that goes.

Until tomorrow, then....we'll know more about procedures, and how to cope....oh, boy oh, boy oh, boy....

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