Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dear AF...

...I have known you for quite some time now, and I feel that I can be brutally honest, so here goes. I HATE YOU! But I will say that for a long time, it was only a detestation. In fact, there were a number of times when I welcomed your visit because it meant that my careless behavior did not cause me a permanent reminder of what's-his-name(s). You still annoyed me, though, with your abuse of my uterus and the emotional rollercoaster. But I accepted that you were part of my life, and that your arrival proved I was hormonally balanced (ha!) and that things functioned the way they were supposed to.

However, having said that, for the last 2 years you really have become the bane of my existence. All you do is remind me for 6 days a month of what I can't have. So screw you! And! it turns out that your arrival did NOT mean that all was well. In fact, I am seriously irritated by the amount of money I spent on preventing you from NOT visiting. You misled me, you hurt me, and most of all, you mock me. I wish you did not exist.

The odd thing is that, from what I read, in about 2 months I'll be hoping for your arrival so that I can start the process that will hopefully lead to your banishment for 9 months. So, despite my hatred of you, and my wish that you disappear for long months at a time, please take comfort in the fact that for 1 month, I will relish your arrival. Maybe that will help to lessen the blow of my complete and utter honesty with you. If not, I don't really care.

Thanks for listening,



  1. Please forward this letter to my Bloody Monster!

    Hey, I hear you on wondering where your original self went in your previous post, I can't seem to find "the old me" anywhere these days either.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post, Lady Merlin made a great first impression and I look forward to our second therapy session tomorrow. Hoping she'll wave her wand and make our circus a-ok.

  2. I hate AF and all that she does to us.


  3. Isn't it strange during our younger years we PRAYED for AF to show her face and now we curse her when she does?

    Big hugs to you and good luck in June.



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