Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Watch My Head Spin!

My RE nurse gave me an online class to watch/read. My head is spinning. I keep emailing her questions, and I think she is going to be sick of me. And we're still talking 2 months to go! Argh! Pre-cycle, actual cycle, meds, needles, consent forms. All of it is terribly overwhelming. Seriously overwhelming.

Just thinking about it makes me a little crazy. DH works 7 days a week and it's difficult to find him replacements, but we'll have to for ER and ET. Our money will be on our FSA card June 1 to order meds and everything, but who knows how that will coordinate with my actual cycle.

Plus, you know, real world getting my driver's license done, getting the car ready for inspection, all of that has to happen before then, too. I think my brain synapses just overloaded. I can smell the burning....

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