Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stupid Uterus - Contest!!!

CD 31 and no AF. A while back I wrote a letter to her, and mentioned that soon I would actually welcome her arrival. See, as soon as she shows up, I get to go in for b/w, and an appointment with the dildo-cam, and then start BCP. But nooooooo, she's late. Really?

And here's the weird thing....knowing that I cannot get pregnant, not by doing the BD, no matter with whom, some little part of me is still thinking, "Should I POAS?" Say for instance that one of my tubes isn't all the way blocked, that it was just a spasm. Say that one of my dalliances with Frog actually allowed the meeting of egg and sperm. It's irrational, to say the least, not to mention, that would be .... awkward at best if that had happened. And yet....I can't keep it out of my mind. Weird.

Then again, my cycles have been known to run anywhere from 26 to 34 days, and I have been on a lot of new meds this last month, so it could just be delayed O. *Shrug*. Crazy what our minds can do....find hope where really, none exists.

I am just anxious to get this pre-cycle started, get the ball rolling so that I feel like I'm doing SOMETHING, even if it's our only shot. Damn you, uterus.

Anywho, I name lots of things i.e. my ipod (Ichabod), my car (Rosie), my stomach (Lucille), etc. I don't have a name for my uterus. And I speak to her often enough these days that I feel she deserves a name. So I'm throwing it out there to my Bleeps. Let's name my uterus! Feel free to post any ideas in the comments and we shall see what wins :) Winner gets an 8x10 photo of mine (not of me, one I've taken) of their choice!!!! So, start thinking!!!


  1. I hope your cycle starts within the next few days! Also, I can't tell you how many times I irrationally P'dOAS. You're not alone!

    I named my car (Etta Place) and iPod (RicePod) too, but have never named body parts. I should give that a try! I've always like the German name Ute (pronounces oo-tah). Perfect for a uterus!

  2. ooh, I love a challenge.
    My first thought was Mildred. No reason, it's just what popped in.
    Then I was thinking with "U" and I came up with Ursula, because she was a wicked Beotch in "the little mermaid" but then I thought but is she is going to eventually going to hold a baby for you (SHE IS!!!!) then that name just won't do....

    so I came up with Uma. I mean of course she reminds me of Uma Thurman, who is beautiful and talented. But she was also (I didn't watch the movies toooooo violent) the bride in Kill Bill..and from what I heard she was a nasty person to people who messed with her...she protected her own.

    it's a lame way to push my name on you, but I think Uma is a good name for a UTE. :)

    As for the HOPE and FAITH you put in each cycle, even when you're sure it could not have happened, well sweetie I did that for 4 yrs, no shame in it, just a lot of tears and frustration. But when you are knee deep in IF, you are willing to believe ANYTHING is possible in order to have that dream come true.

    I am here hoping your miracle is on it's way.

  3. I've done the same thing so many time.. the I know it's not possible but.....hpt.
    Let see.. a name for your uterus... hmmm...
    how about Red?

  4. The first name that pops into my head is Helga. Probably 'cause I'm swedish. And maybe 'cause it sounds like a strong, kinda scary, motherly woman (with long blonde braids).

    And hey, I've pee'd on more sticks than should be legal even after finding out that we have less than a 0.1% chance of conceiving naturally. I shouldn't give any advise. And if I do, don't listen.

    I say POAS! Do it!

  5. How about naming your uterus after a fertility goddess? Here's a list. One goddess that I like but isn't listed there is one called Neith from Egypt. If you google her you'll get some good info.

  6. I just realized I'm on Day 30 and I started thinking about POAS. Which also had me thinking I was crazy. :-)
    My cars are always named Betsy. Which is what my grandpa always called his trucks.

    I'm going to say Annabelle. It can mean grace or lovable.

  7. Brunhilda. Because that name sounds so menacing and scary and overbearing.


  8. I think POAS could bring peace of mind. Who the hell cares whether it's rational or not? Sometimes, you just need to know either way.

  9. How frustrating that AF won't just get with the program and arrive!!
    I am a bit late to this one but finally better! I really love all the above suggestions which makes it hard for me to suggest one. I don't name objects usually but I do nickhame DH and DD constantly. Their nicknames change every day. How about Audrey? I looked up girl names that mean 'strength!' Audrey means 'noble strength'!! U definitely want a name with ONLY positive connotations!
    Can't wait to read the winner :)

  10. You should name her Ruby.


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