Friday, May 28, 2010

Official Schedule

This lovely Jar Of Hope was given to me by Jenny. Well, put on her blog for others to enjoy and thus share. I'm still catching up on so many blogs from my recovery this week, but managed to get to hers, and it couldn't have happened on a better day.
Day started out with b/w, dildo-cam, a trip to the GP, and then a trip to get x-rays. Outcomes: starting BCP tonight, got the official word to go back to work tomorrow, and no word on the x-rays yet, but dreading that bill.
That's right....BCP begins tonight. So I'm gonna drive you all nuts by posting my IVF schedule right here and now.
5/28/10 - Start BCP
6/11/10 - Start Lupron 20 units
6/15/10 - Last BCP, continue Lupron 20 units
6/22/10 - First office visit, b/w, begin Gonal-F 225 IU and 15 units Low Dose HCG, decrease Lupron to 5 units.
6/23-6/24/10 - same
6/25/10 - b/w and u/s, then follow instructions.
This continues with periodic b/w and u/s until possible retrieval 7/1-7/4/10
Possible transfer - 7/4-7/10/10
Possible beta - 7/15-7/18/10.
So there it is. Officialy. Real. Right in front of me in black and white.
I need that jar of hope.


  1. Wow.. that makes it sooo very real.
    Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery.

  2. This is so exciting! I'll be sending positive thoughts your way!

  3. Good luck with this cycle! It may sound fecetious, but take it one day at a won't be so overwhelming that way! I did 6 cycles (3 of those were frozen) and now I have a 3 year old & 8 month old twins. I am your newest follower & I just added your link on my blog! Happy ICLW! (#94)

  4. Good luck with this cycle - it will all be worth it in the end!


  5. Yay! How exciting. I go Tuesday for my suppression appointment and they will then tell me which stim meds and dosages I'll be on.


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