Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Glued to a Recliner

Hopping on for a minute - no ICLW for me....I really wish I had a laptop. I know I'm missing out on some fabulous new blogs as well as everyone's posts this week. I will try to catch up when I can sit for longer periods of time. I think I pulled my hip out of place, too. *Sigh* But I have lots of good drugs and snack food and stuff to keep me occupied while glued to soft squishy furniture. Love you all for your well wishes. I'll be fine....eventually. LOL. Once I recover I will also choose a winner for the contest :) I leave you with a photo that I hope makes you smile. It's from one of the most perfect days of my life, and I hope it's beauty inspires you, or at least cheers you up if you are down.


  1. Oh, so sad to hear that you're out of commission! Get lots of rest, take good and gentle care of yourself. We'll all still be here by the time you're back. :)

  2. Oh, hope you feel better soon! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. The minor meltdowns are just a part of it all, right?
    Hugs & Happy ICLW

  3. Just catching up sweetie, I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I am totally accident prone too. I really hope you get better soon. ((HUGS))

  4. Such a beautiful picture. I love your pics. Thanks for sharing.
    I hope you will feel better very soon!

  5. It sure did! Thank you!!

    Happy ICLW!


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