Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Day At The Zoo

The meds are definitely kicking in....but let me back up a minute. Last post I came out about my open marriage, and I have mentioned previously my Pg friend. She is half of a couple with whom I play. There. It's out. So, henceforth they shall be called Frog (him) and Pixie (her). Right now it is more of an intense friendship while I deal with her pregnancy. Our relationship and my news about my blocked tubes came only days's been a rollercoaster. Anywho, point about the meds is that I've been seeing more of them again, and today we went to a CHILDREN'S zoo so I could take photos for their nursery.

There were children EVERYWHERE. Pregnant moms, nursing moms, strollers, toddlers, you name it. And I held it together. I'm alright. Numb. I had to stop a few times and collect myself, but I survived. Part of it was being outside, in the sun, and enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views on the drive we took.

I also mentioned photography. To that end, I'm posting some photos from today's little journey (none of Frog and Pixie for their protection), but some of my "work." Hope you enjoy!

Frog took this one of me. I'm such a hippy. It was so beautiful....

This skull was in one of the exhibits...I just really liked it. Reminded me of the southwest....

How beautiful are these 2??? I did a lot of cropping with the zebra photos as well for the fun of texture, much like the feathers below.

I can't believe I caught this image! Insects are terribly difficult to catch. It's on an azalea bush.

This is a close up of the feathers of a Lorikeet....not the same one as below...

I didn't want to go crazy and post tons. But now that I've figured out how to put photos in here, I shall be posting more. I hope you all enjoy. If not, oh, well! It's my blog!

To end NIAW I am reposting the below video from Heather at Our Incredible Journey. It's fantastic, and DH and I are in it! We're the silly ones sticking out our tongues. So are many other bloggers. Enjoy, and stop by her blog. Happy weekend all.


  1. Beautiful photos, I love them.

  2. I love the photos. I wish I had that much talent!
    You're just wonderful, you know?

  3. Beautiful Photographs! I love the textures.

  4. I tend to be in awe of people who have the amount of trust, love and generosity of spirit required for an open marriage. I'm curious now about how long you've been married and if this was something you agreed to before you got hitched. (But feel free to keep it private.)

    As for the photos, you really *are* a photographer. I especially love the zebras.


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