Monday, January 10, 2011


So, we have been working on a settlement for Hubby's back injury for months.  And the check came and went into the account Saturday.  Don't even ask me how much of it is already spent, LOL. 

We paid off 3 credit cards, 4 people we owed money to, and then we went shopping...

And we got:
  • Refrigerator (no freezer)
  • Chest freezer (small, not body-hiding size)
  • Netbook/laptop for yours truly
  • Wii for yours truly (honestly, so I can watch Netflix, and later, for WiiFit)
  • TV/Monitor for Hubby for the "Man Cave"
  • Hard drive so his computer works
  • dehumidifier so the man-cave is electronic-safe
  • Vacuum of Awesomeness - eats pet fur like it's nothing.  I can't wait to find my floor so I can really vacuum!
  • some clothing for both of us.
  • 2003 Subaru Outback.  - Hubby gets to drive this and I am soooo jealous because it is FABULOUS! 
Up next: pay off a couple of my credit cards and make a dent in some medical bills, and hopefully still have about $15000 left over in the bank to build interest. 

Oh, and baby stuff that doesn't get taken care of by the shower.  And some yard stuff.  And another chair for the living room. 

Hmmm, I hope we have $15000 left, LOL.  That's the plan.  We have already blown aLOT.  Well, not blown, just...gone a little nuts catching up on broken appliances and whatnot. 

I can't believe how much got spent this weekend, in 2 short days!  Insanity. 

And my goodness, that car is sooooo purty.  I need to decorate the Malibu so I don't feel frumpy, LOL. 

Anyway, had to share, LOL.  Cuz I'm kinda giddy.  LOL.

OH!!!!  And I was officially discharged from Pancho today!!!  Squeeeeeeee! 


  1. That is great news! So glad that you can do some catching up...:)

  2. Hey if you finally get a windfall, it's just called "playing catch-up." Sounds like a fricken fantabulous start to the week either way! :D Congrats on the settlement, the paid debts, the new purchases...well everything really lol. It's so great that things are going this well for you, and I hope the goodness continues!

  3. That is totally awesome!!!! It sounds like you are having a phenomenal day. I think you and I are each other's ying and yang. You have a really good day and I have a really crappy day. I have an awesome day and it's your crappy day. Given the tough time you had, you deserve this break!

  4. Holy crap. Good for you guys! What a settlement! I'm glad you got the Outback, too! Yay!

  5. Freakin AWESOME! What a huge relief it must be to have so many of those monkey's off your back.

    We have a 2000 Subaru Outback and LOVE the car. We got it about 5 years ago and it has been basically trouble free. We've put about 100k miles on it and only had to do standard maintenance - tires, brakes, battery, etc. Well, We have gone thru 4 windshields. Apparently the car design makes the windshield get cracked way too often. If you get a nick, take care of it RIGHT away. It is much cheaper to seal the nick than to let it spread and replace the window.

    I am especially excited about your laptop! I've always been amazed with how much you do with your phone, and know ho much you've wanted to have a bigger screen!

    Hey - When is your baby shower? What do you have planned?

    Congrats on the settlement!

  6. WOW! Yay for you & hubby finally getting his settlement & getting things that ya'll needed/wanted! You definitely deserve it all!

  7. Good for you! Glad the settlement finally came through.

  8. That's so so cool!! Love the shopping you have done and that you will do shortly!
    Delighted for you both, much love, Fran

  9. so happy for you, this is awesome :)

  10. Wow, that sounds like a fun/eventful shopping adventure! :)

  11. what an exciting time..GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! a little breathing room is always nice. HUGS

  12. Congratulations :-) And it does go rather quickly!!!



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