Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: Sick Bed Edition

Wow, it's Friday?  How?????
  • Colliwog is here for an undetermined length of time...trying not to spazz.  Twitch.  Nursery needs so much done!  Twitch.
  • Who spends a week in bed with a COLD???  Seriously? At least I've turned the corner and am starting to feel human again.  Yay!
  •  House needs so much work.  Twitch.
  • Brand new freezer does not, in fact, freeze.  Food lost.  Stink central.  Grrr.  Repairs to happen today, or they must replace.
  • I need a haircut.  I hate growing my hair. And a new color.  I'm bored and uninspired by my shag.  Suggestions, please?
  • Planning a day trip to NYC with a friend in Boston - meeting in the middle.  Can't wait!  And maybe this trip to NH will happen some weekend.  I hope.  As it means pregnancy photos!  Grow belly grow!
  • Surfers arriving in 2 weeks.  Must. Find. Floor. Space.
  • Frog and Pixie gave us 3 boxes of diapers.  3.  BOXES.  Apparently their LO is allergic.  Ummm, he can't even face me at work, yet we keep getting things from them.  So confusing.  Sigh.  Need normal life.  Wait, that's boring.  Retract.
  • I watched this season of Grey's Anatomy this week.  Bad when hormonal and sick.  Because sick makes me even weepier.  Glutton for punishment. 
  • The family doctor weighed me for the chart there because it's been so long.  Me: "You do realize I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant and this will be wildly inaccurate, right?'
  • I got paint for the changing table and dresser!  Now, if I only had somewhere to actually apply said paint...and boy is it BRIGHT.  Wait til you see!
  • Baby shower is under way.  Met with Mom Sunday - she and Sister are in full planning mode.  Invites are ordered and apparently arrived yesterday.  Woot!  My wedding didn't even have paper invites, LOL.  Either one of them. 
  • What did we ever do without OMG, LMAO, LMFAO, ROFL, etc?  I mean, really, typing is so much faster with acronyms.  Though I see some I can't identify.  Like SMH.  ????  And I finally had to ask what FML was...and it turns out there is an entire website dedicated to that one! 
  • You'd think I'd get some crocheting done while sick.  NOPE.  Maybe if I feel better tomorrow.  Yeeeaaaahhhhh.
  • I finally watched Victor/Victoria - and I totally got a boner for Julie Andrews.  HOT.
Happy Friday everyone!


  1. According to Google -- SMH is "shaking my head." Never knew that one. It's true, though, what did we do without those acronyms? It's so hard not to say them out loud sometimes...

  2. LMAO, I need a freakin dictionary for all new awesome abbreviations!

  3. glad you are feeling better...
    and hoping next week is much much much better.

  4. I just saw from an above comment that SMH mean shaking my head....I guess that is my one thing new I learned today! I didn't know that either!
    Glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better.
    By the way, reading about what you said to your family doctor when trying to get your weight cracked me up! :)

  5. can't wait to hear about the shower and nursery shtuffs.
    glad you are feeling better!

  6. OH!! Mystery of SMH solved! I never knew what it meant either til I just read Rebecca's comment. Jessie types that all the time and I just figured it had to do with shit or hell or something. HAH.

  7. Hey, When is your shower? I've been working on a little gift. :)

  8. Ugh, so sorry you're sick...

    In case you don't recognize this commenter, I'm the incredibly sucky bloggy friend who has been awol from commenting for about two months. So sorry!

    Sounds like they're going all out for the shower, totally awesome! Can't wait to see nursery pics!

    I need new hair too. I'm sick of my dishwater brown crud. Maybe it's time to go red again.

  9. Hey babe. Glad you are feeling human again. I love acronyms ! Dh always asks me I know a lot! thank you for not posting any grey's spoilers. We are way behind you guys! I guess frog isn't ready for more but free nappies =good, right? Take care!

  10. I am so glad to hear you started to feel better!

  11. This is a great list and I hope your sinuses clear up soon. And YEAHHHHH baby shower!


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