Friday, November 19, 2010

Pro-Choice or Not...

...this really crosses a line.  In my opinion.  And now, many others.  A couple in Minnesota have posted a website allowing the general public to vote on whether to keep their pregnancy or not.  News articles have generated a TON of feedback, swaying the vote now way toward keeping the pregnancy.

Minnesota's state law allows for aborting a baby up to 20 weeks, and they have the poll set to end 2 days  before their deadline.  This is a HEALTHY child, sex determined, and even nicknamed.  This leads me to believe there is some attachment. 

Here's the thing.  I am completely pro-choice.  And I think there are definite times when it is the right decision.  And it should be our choice.  OUR CHOICE.  But to leave it to strangers?  Really?  I am simply outraged.  If you can't make the decision yourself, perhaps that is an indication that your uncertainty is too high to sway toward aborting. 

I can't bring myself to go and vote, because that, to me, is showing support for the site, for their decision to well, share their decision.  And that I do not approve of it.  At all.  Sigh.  Thoughts?


  1. I also feel like if you are going to do it, don't wait until 20 weeks, please. That seems so selfish. If you really decide you don't want the baby that far in, than please consider adoption. Also, it just seems like apublicity stunt for money or something which worries me for the child's welfare if they do decide to keep it.

    I am pro-choice believe it or not, but I don't know, the thought of people doing it so late just seems wrong unless there is an imminent risk to fetus or the mother. But maybe that is just me.

  2. "There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin." That being said I'm pro 'wheeeee' and whatever means it takes to achieve that.

  3. I would never do it myself, but I fully support other people's rights to choose for themselves. But this? Seriously? Disgusting. Waiting until 20 weeks? Breaks my heart. Can you imagine them having this child and the child finding out about this?

  4. Talk about a nonchalant approach to life - it makes me so mad I'm boiling!! Attention horny scandal seekers with NO morals!!
    And I'm pro-choice too!

  5. I'm pro choice, but this disgusts me. Just because i believe in the right to choose doesn't mean that it should be done with such an obnoxious cavalier attitude. This is a personal, private decision that should be made that way with respect. Making it into a spectacle and waiting until 20 weeks just to prove you can is ridiculous.

  6. My thoughts? They should give me their baby!!!

    I too am pro-choice, but one should exercise this choice with the utmost humility. It's personal and they are entitled, but seriously, GIVE ME THE BABY!!!!

  7. I vented my guts out when you posted the link on FB. I did not click on the news article, because I knew you were speaking of birthornotdotcom.

    I am surprised and find it bizarre that the couple will do it for a kid that they planned to have, and has no medical reasons so far to actually think of a termination.

    I voted, as a favour to the baby, not as a support to the odd couple. I said 'keep the baby'...

    Seeking opinions is one thing...playing your own flesh and blood for it is a completely irrational thing to do though...

  8. I am pro-choice but that is absolutely horrific.


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